Jan 27, 2009

snow day

today was a ‘snow day’. and i use the term loosely. oh, it snowed alright. i think an entire inch. being a born & bred new englander, transplanted here in kentucky, i’m always highly amused by the weather reports and the weathermen in their parkas rambling on about all the snow. it usually never happens, and i want to yell to them all to try out a maine winter and htfu.

well, it actually happened this time. all one inch of it. school was cancelled, and there were the requisite panicked trips to the market (guilty as charged, only my trip wasn’t a panicked one, i really did need milk) - the whole nine yards. snow days are fun and we were looking forward to sledding and even taking out the ‘cross bikes for a little ride around the neighborhood parks, but that was before i looked out the window at the steady, persistent sleet falling from the sky encasing what little snow actually stuck around under a sheet of ice. we got gypped out of the fun of a snow day, and it all meant i had another day on the trainer.

two hours on the trainer. the kids are home cause of that ‘snow day’ thing -  and steven is home cause he works from home so with all of us home it just feels like the weekend. the house is cozy, a fire is burning and i’m getting all sorts of stuff done. press releases are being, well – released. media kits are coming together, crafty things are being made. there’s a whole lotta stuff getting done -just not my trainer time. i open the fridge to make the girls lunch and see all the beer i just bought. i mean, if you’re gonna be snowed in; you better have beer. and wine. and, um, bourbon too. just in case. i’m just sayin’.

so anyhow – i open the fridge and the beer is staring right at me, and it’s not even anywhere near beer-thirty or anything, but it looks really good. and it makes me think i want wine. damn those two hours on the trainer. my house is cozy! there’s a fire burning!

before i get on the trainer, i call a teammate to chat and to see what she’s doing. and mostly this just served as procrastinating the whole trainer thing. she was making lunch and really wanted some of the wine sitting on her kitchen table, but had to ride first. and this is why we get along so well.

it’s nearing two o’clock and i think if i want the wine, i better get out of my pj’s and onto the damn trainer & earn it. plus, it really just needs to be later in the day for it to be ok. i plug into my tunes, put the bike onto the trainer and let the kids know that i’m not doing a field test - this is just a regular gig.

the kids have bad memories of my first solo field test when whatever dawn of the living dead noises that were emanating from the room prompted many “mommy are you ok?” trips into the bike room to check on me. they look so concerned every time i get on the trainer now that i just preempt it with a “don’t worry kids, i’m not doing a field test”. they all breathe a sigh of relief that mommy will live to see another day.

so i get on the trainer. and i watch the sleet fall. and i take pictures. and listen to my tunes. and check email and facebook and watch the clock and do some sprinty, mashy things cause i’m totally making up the workout that can’t be done on the road cause it’s all sleety and icy. and then i’m done.

it’s another ‘snow day’ tomorrow. evidently, we’re getting another whole inch and some ice to top it off. i’ve got an hour and a half on the trainer and i need to update my tunes. 

we totally got gypped of any sort of respectable, snowy winter, so i’m just ready for spring. and outdoor rides.


Unknown said...

At least you made it on the trainer...the wine would have won for me. Just like tonight the bed is winning over the trainer. I like to tell myself I'll get up early but the bed will probably feel really good then too. Happy snow day. In MT they just tell us to suck it up and leave early. I'd love a snow day.

~ lauren said...

the pics are cute!

and you have good will power. beer on a cozy afternoon, when everyone's home, well.

good job!

but, are you inside the house, on the trainer with your hat on?

Anonymous said...

You took pictures while you were on the trainer? And checked your facebook? That sounds like my kind of workout.

ItchyBits said...

Cute - I heart orange! What kind of bike is that? I have terrible eyes. Love the white tape. You look cute in your hat! I have trainer day today - fixed gear stuff - I am pushing my long rides to the weekend - hoping that the roads will be better. I get zip done on snow days with kids home. I play waitress, game master and maid all day.

zanne said...

got boys - yeah, where i grew up, snow days were fairly few & far between, snow was normal & everyone knew how to deal with it ... here, it just creates a big panic situation & an inch will send the city into a tizzy. That said, this particular storm was a bit of a doozy.

lauren - yes, our bike room is FREEZING!

prickly - that is the fun thing about trainer ... between efforts, i just sit up & check phone, text friends ... not so bad!

itchy - its a FELT ...and i love that hat too ... thanks. the bike room is pretty freezing. you're a good mom to play all those games!

Anonymous said...

i grew up here and still get a kick out of the panic the weather provides. but you're right. the ice is a killer and i hear branches breaking left and right. i LOVE the hat too. where did you get it? i want one.

bsegal said...

how can you abandon perfectly good beer like that. They're all alone in the fridge, cold and...lonely. And you selfishly got on your trainer? You have a heart of stone woman....stone.
I did the lamest trainer ride ever yesterday. It's bad when C says "gee, that was fast"...about the bike.
The only thing funnier than the pannicked Krogering is the attempts at driving.
stay out of harms way, KY people driving in the snow are lethal.

Judi said...

our corp offices down there closed so us after hours peeps had to log in and take all the damn calls. but at least we're home working. and i can't have any effing wine!

Vickie said...

I'm guessing you got all that ice and then some. Hope things are okay and you're keeping warm! Of course with all that beer, wine, and liquor stored up, it can't be all that bad.

Amanda Bohl said...

I'm somewhat new to your blog. It gives me hope that I'll be able to return to serious athletic pursuits when the kids are a bit older. Can you recommend any training podcasts? My outdoor cycling time has become limited due to rain (in California...doesn't happen often), the 3.5 year old, and 9 month old. The trainer is waiting, but I'm not real good at pushing myself on it. Any links you can suggest will be appreciated!