Apr 4, 2010

happy easter

we're not exactly regular church-goers. i'm a bit of reluctant catholic. but that good ol' catholic guilt always makes an appearance around the holidays and i feel a need to suddenly drag everyone off to church.


so i start making arbitrary we're going to go to church announcements. sometimes weeks in advance. sometimes days. sometimes i just spring it on the kids on the actual day of the most holy holiday of the year just as they dig into their baskets.

my husband says i should work on my timing.

so annabel goes downstairs and announces to lulu
mom says we're going to church.

IMG_3454 to which lulu responds
what! that's gonna ruin the whole day!

and then annabel says
lulu! it's a big day. it's the day jesus rose from the dead.

and lulu says

well, it's not like he's a zombie or anything.


we never did make it to church. instead, we planted some seeds, picked up some poop from the backyard, went for a bike ride and had some friends over for a beer and the tour of flanders.

i’ll be going to hell in a handbasket someday. i hope my husband takes the kids to church.


Stuart said...


See you in hell ;D

Gotta Run..... said...

I have always loved your post. Wish you would do it more often!! Please....pretty please ;)))