Jun 19, 2007

still -- cheaper than therapy

i just dropped a small bundle on a SECOND pair of running shoes today. there's nothing wrong with my first pair. they only have 100 miles on them - they're perfectly good.

but my coach told me months ago that i really should have two pairs so i could rotate them. it sounded fairly frivolous & expensive to me ... but i knew he was right. rotating shoes is a good idea.

so, now that i am really on the upswing of this recovery & starting official marathon training as of July 1st - today was the day to drop a small bundle of money on new shoes. dammit.

so i go to the running store today & i totally thought i'd just be getting the same exact pair. this, apparently, is not recommended. i try on 3 shoes & this is the pair that won -- mizuno wave creation 8. i've never run in anything but adidas ... but when i put these on - i loved them. and now that i'm home & have read reviews - i love them even more.
so while they cost a ridiculous amount of money -- my coach said that my legs & feet will thank me because of the rotation ... shoe guy says that rotating shoes will help to lessen the chance of injury - which, theoretically, should lessen the need for physical therapy & deep tissue massages. and running, in general keeps me in such a happy place that it's therapy for the price of some sneakers.


Gotta Run..... said...

Your coach is right and having two pair of shoes will have great benefits. If only we could locate a new money tree and get a new sports bra, shorts, hat... must I go on?!?! I have more running stuff than work stuff.

Crazy but I love it!!!!

Tall Girl Running said...

Now those are snazzy looking runners!

I'm still so annoyed with my last shoe-buying experience I can't bring myself to even think about doing it again anytime soon. I'll have to suck it up eventually.

I haven't been in touch much recently, but I've been keeping up with your blog. Marathon training, here you come!!

Neese said...

"therapy for the price of some sneakers" that's brilliant :)

p.s. thanks for your comments ;)