Jun 29, 2007

wardrobe malfunction

so i am swimming laps in the pool this morning.
fridays are my easy days -
30 minutes of pool running or laps. my choice.
since there is nothing easy about pool running, i choose laps.
so i'm swimming. i'm swimming.
i'm amused by the words "clean me" drawn into dirt at bottom of pool.
i like watching the bubbles that my arm makes on the strokes.
i can take an easy day to new heights. in short, i am in la-la land.
on slow, swimmy, planet suzanne.

but something is amiss.
something just doesn't feel right.
i finish the lap and look.
at my boob. and i can see it clearly. cause it's out. my boob. is out.
in all its very tiny glory. but its out nonetheless.


runliarun said...

This is poetry.

Unknown said...

Oh that is TOO funny! I'm probably going to have to replace my suit soon since the chlorine has started to eat away at the fabric around my boob area!!! (Fortunately it's one of those Tyr 2-sided suits so it may take a bit longer before that happens).

Vickie said...

I'm sure the regulars at the pool have seen everything, so no surprises there! I know I've seen everything at the Y pool including the guy with the see thru shorts and the woman with the beard and body hair. What's a little skin?

Holden said...

Why did you cut me out of the picture in the header?

Hmmmm... weird... did not even know you were writing a blog...

The Coach

Gotta Run..... said...

I am ROLLING!!!! Too funny... but not to you I am sure. You want to know why all those kids wear goggles? LOL!!!

Still waiting on my email girl!! Come on :)

Phil said...

So ... does this type of wardrope malfunction increase or decrease drag throuhg the water. You never know, you might just start a new swimming technique.