Jun 21, 2007

third time's a charm

tonight was my 3rd attempt at a club ride.
attempts one and two didn't go so well.
but tonight - the cycling gods were smiling down on me ...

but not before i spent the first 5-6 miles hyperventilating & on the edge of a panic attack.
we roll out - and head into the park & i know what's coming: a hairpin turn. and i am hyperventilating. i kid you not. i think good god, i am going to have a heart attack - how pathetic am i? so anyhow - (insert ride minutiae here-blahblahblah) and then:
we go through the hairpin turn & i go through it faster than i ever have, but i still have to get in the big ring & HAUL ASS to catch up.

hauling ass & hyperventilating do not go so well together. so now i am flying through the park, in the big ring & i do not stop to chat with any other riders that fell off the back like i did last week ... instead - i just fly by them all - with one goal in mind: CATCH THE F--ING GROUP.

i'll spare the minutiae ... suffice it to say: i did indeed catch the group. (feel free to clap here). this was due to the workings of the cycling gods who decided to take mercy on me in the form of a TRAIN! the group gets stopped by a train & here i am ... i roll up to tracks, have time to catch my breath, coax heartrate down & sip my magic elixir h20. it was a beautiful thing. i was here now & knew i was there to stay.

i'm not saying i didn't have to work -- in fact, there was a point at which i told my husband that i thought throwing up was a really viable option ... his response? "good, then you are doing it right".

it was work. but i did it ... and the post ride beer never tasted so good.


Gotta Run..... said...

Beer is always better following a kick ass ride!!! Way to rock the ride!!! I am clapping for you!

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

LOve a good POST Beer:-) Nice workout..I found u from Gotta run's blog...

this is classic, UNDER ur Occupation: cut+paste website girl

LOLOL Luv it, I am a cut+paste website guy :-)

Great blog and I will be back even though u r a closet blogger--hehe I hope that is ok:-)

zanne said...

haha ... hey bob - you are more than welcome to keep coming back to visit! glad you stopped by & left a hello!

Vickie said...

That's for sure on the beer. If you didn't like it before, you can't help liking it after those type of workouts. Great job, keep it up. You'll be doing a triathlon or duathlon before you know it.