Jul 6, 2007

loose interpretation

another friday, another easy day. i'm still working off my temporary "recovery" schedule and so fridays are, according to my coach - 'a day i can play around with'. i could choose between a 30 minute swim, pool running, yoga, 3 mile run.

i was planning on the 3 mile run this morning.

instead, i decided to play around with my snooze button.

for an hour and a half.

now, this blatant disregard for my schedule is completely out of character. i do not stray. i do not take it upon myself to interpret it as i wish. i just do what it says. exactly.

that said, i was amazed by how long i could keep up the game. coupled with being completely annoyed every 9 minutes when that thing went off.

its far enough away that i have to get out of bed a weensy bit to turn it off. i mean, an effort definitely has to be made - albeit far less effort than actually getting sorry ass out of bed, but an effort nonetheless.

but my favorite part of the snooze button game is when my husband talks to it ... and says "shhhh, shhhh".


MiaStella said...

Missed you at the pool. The "wasp" was my only swimming buddy.

Vickie said...

I never figured out how to use those things, so its get up or throw the thing against a wall. But sometimes you just can't get up! So your easy day actually became a sleep in day.

zanne said...

yes. it was a sleep in day & despite my best intentions to get that 3 miles in later ... it became a day off. i spent the day at the pool with the kids & then went out for a long overdue girls' night out with my good friend. am chalking it up to a mental health day. they will be few & far between in the coming months!