Jun 25, 2008

team training

tonight was a new gig: cornering clinics and mock crits put on by some team members in preparation for a local criterium that is taking place here in just under 4 weeks. crits scare the bejeezus out of me. its all fast turns. and i am neither good at the fast or the turns. so i need the clinic and the training like nobody's business.

anyhow, at the same time i was excited to be a part of some official team training, i was skeered. really skeered. and really nervous. i knew i'd need to grab a big handful of HTFU before i arrived at the course.

lets just say, i didn't grab a big enough handful. after an evening of a pseudo-mock crit, cornering skills and drills, gladiator bump and drills (shouldering on the course and going around turns, trying to block people out - who knew cycling could be a full contact sport?), and some coaching; i won two awards: one for "needs the MOST improvement" and another for "biggest candy ass". i almost got one for most foul mouthed too.

as much as i sucked, it was a great night. i'll be back for more every wednesday night till the big race. love my team, love training with them. my goal is to win 'most improved' by race day. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Now, see, I would get one for most foul mouthed for sure, ha! Assuming I didn't just faint with terror!

Stuart said...

Sounds brutal, but you're up for the challenge! So you can swear like a sailor...you make it sound like a bad thing!

Gotta Run..... said...

You are one tuff chic. Great atitude!! Not much different than the Big Dog runs.