Jun 23, 2008

wardrobe malfunction part deux

i'm riding to my regular monday night gig -
the skirt ride.
and it's a hot night.
so, like always when its hot out,
my jersey is unzipped a bit.
but unlike always,
i am wearing a sports bra i haven't worn since this incident -
i really shouldn't even still own the bra,
not sure why it wasn't thrown out after the incident.
but, it was on top of the laundry pile and i was in a rush
and the incident never even entered my mind as i threw it on
and headed out to ride through the heavily populated park.
so i'm riding. i'm riding.
and i totally think i'm cool.
but then, something doesn't feel right.
something is amiss.
it feels quite breezy.
dare i say chilly?
so i look down.
there it is.
my boob.
is out.
almost one year to the date.
its like a wardrobe malfunction


Tall Girl Running said...

Awww... it just wants to be free!... to fly fast and feel the wind on its... ummmm.... nevermind :-P

Anonymous said...

What? The girls don't get to come out and play too?

ItchyBits said...

Oh gawd. Chuck that bra...gotta keep those girls locked and loaded.

Anonymous said...

boobiversary. nice.

Vickie said...

Doesn't it amaze you how something like this actually happens again on almost the same date a year later?? Someone is trying to tell you something! Too funny!

Stuart said...

Good to see that you're keeping us "abreast" of you ongoing wardrobe malfunctions...ever consider Saran wrap?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! OMG, I think I would have died.

Nancy said...

wow, I'm trying to imagine how it just gets out??!!

You are too funny.

I see the love affair is still on. Good for you!!

Hope you have been well.

Anonymous said...

omg! that is...ummm...hilarious? So much boob talk lately.

Boobiversary. Awesome. I just can't imagine how it would get out like that.

Frayed Laces said...

Wait a sec....I thought you were saying you had itty bitty boobs. Mine are pretty darn small too. From my experience, tiny boobs can't ever pop out. I'm trying to wrap my head around the physics here.

zanne said...

frayed - you are correct, it is difficult to wrap ones' brain around the physics of it; because they are indeed itty bitty, but when the sports bra you are wearing is too big & scoops down pretty low, and you are leaning forward over handlebars (or swimming through water & the bra fills up and pulls down even lower) they can pop out. strangely, always the left one. both times. left one must be an itty bitty bigger. hehe.