Nov 6, 2008

vote for claudia

my youngest had a homework assignment the night before last which was to pretend they were running for class president and write a campaign speech encouraging others to vote for them. a poster was extra credit. so she wrote a short speech, announcing how if she was class president, there would be no bullies and everyone would keep their hands to themselves and there would be no fighting (which made me wonder what the hell goes on in that classroom). but the best part was this decree:

And there will be no secret pencil sharpening during class because Ms. Thompson gives you a chance in the morning and in the afternoon.

an excellent platform. no secret pencil sharpening. clearly, some kids are abusing the pencil sharpening window that is open for them in the mornings and afternoons. amazingly, she also did a poster for the extra credit (she's not really an extra credit kind of girl - she's more of a i'll do the minimum requirement and eek by on my cuteness, humor and free-spiritedness) complete with pretty flowers and purple swirly doo-dads:

vote for claudia. she's a smartie.

and then there was this discussion with her dad yesterday: dad, do you win money if you pick the right president? what do you mean, do you win money? you know, like at the horse races – when you pick the winner, you get money.


Cindy said...

i want my money!
i had no idea surreptitious pencil sharpening was a problem in schools these days. i'm glad someone is cracking down on it!

Judi said...

the kid is adorable.

Nat said...

I'd keep an eye out after your next race. She'll be the one who knows ALL the odds -- and suddenly finds herself with a bit of cash... LOL

Groover said...

Your daughter is adopting a very good life motto " A good horse never jumps higher than it has to." Nothing's wrong with that. :-)

~ lauren said...

i want my money too!

that pencil sharpening platform makes sense. she IS a smartie.

i remember - getting up to sharpen my pencil a lot back then, so i could get a glimpse and say hi to david atherton who sat right next to the sharpener.

he was so cute.

zanne said...

you really gotta watch out for those secret pencil sharpeners. those are the kind of people who grow up to race 'cross. crazy stuff.

Laurel said...

OMG, that's the cutest thing ever!

SHES A SMARTIE!!! I love it!

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