Dec 29, 2008

a photo story


on the 28th of december, lulu got a hold of her mom's camera

and proceeded to take pictures of herself,


lying down, surprised,

"sleeping", being silly,

and her foot.

she took pictures of her sister at the computer,
doing a slinky smile, and pretending the slinky was a lasso.
then she gave her sister the camera so she could get some mid-air shots jumping off the couch
and the dining room table bench. then she stopped to think for a moment;
and she said, "enough" - we will do this again tomorrow. and the next morning, she started all over again.
this is her mom making the morning rounds at her laptop, this is lulu waiting to get on mom's computer,
and this is her dad, pouring the coffee that starts another day at the webster house.

the end.


Anonymous said...

hee hee

you cut your hair!

Groover said...

Very entertaining. Your daughters are gorgeous. And there is nice bike in the background of the slinky lasso shot! :-)

ItchyBits said...

Cute! Your hair looks nice! Do you like it shorter?

Cindy said...

cute hair! that was a lovely photo-documentary!

Cindy said...
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house on hill road said...

she is just squeezable.

Anonymous said...

Oh she is just the cutest!

Stuart said...

Very cute, I have a series of photos of Hot Wheels cars taken by our eldest!

Unknown said...

cute! cute! cute!

i like the one of dad pouring the coffee too! definitely a dad's job!

zanne said...

Groover - thanks! I had probably just gotten back from a ride earlier in the day - we've been able to get in so many nice rides -the weather here has been freakishly warm - 60's, and one day it was 70. (just realized that probably doesn't mean much & I don't know the conversions ... at any rate, its been warm! - perfect for some nice mid-winter road rides)

bettybetty - yes, I love the shorter hair ... i've had my hair all lengths - even WAY shorter than this, so even though going short wasn't too big of a leap, I still had to cut it in stages. Think it took 3 haircuts in 6 weeks to get here!

stuart - the photos they take always crack me up. I can imagine the hot wheels series.

lauren - yeah, and i love how she snuck her little face into that one. think its such a riot.

Nat said...

Hysterical. The Boy loves to do the photo thing. He takes photos of odd random stuff but always there is a photo of a foot or two... odd.

bsegal said...

these seem to be genuinely unhappy children:)
Great pictures. These will make a great example of what their life was like this season.
happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Refreshing from the child's perspective. Crazy parents spending their days hunched over the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Oh! That's funny! I see that Henry was smart enough to keep way the hell away!!!

Laurel said...

Awesone, lovely post. Seriously. It's perfect.

Your girls are beautiful. And your house is pretty great too!