Apr 24, 2009

frolicking goat

so i am at a team meeting last night at a teammates’ house. and since team meetings always involve beer – i was offered one as soon as i sat down on a chair - one that, moments later, had me wondering if it was possibly the dog chair. but that’s really neither here nor there.

anyhow, no sooner than i am wondering if am indeed sitting in the dog chair, i am handed the cutest beer i have ever seen. and much like an ass-grab from a dane will instantly make me forget how much i suck at sandpits; while not entirely as fun or funny - a darling beer will take my mind off the fact that i may be sitting in the dog chair.

and i mean darling. beer.
in a cute green can with little retro yellow flowers and a frolicking goat.

i’m really not a beer girl. i’m more of a wine girl. specifically, any wine that has a cool label and costs under ten dollars. and ten dollars is really my high end wine. so what i am trying to say is i don’t really have any good credentials for properly reviewing a beer with frolicking goats, or any beer for that matter; cause i usually go for the cheap stuff anyway -but i do know what looks good and cute.

geneseeso. beer in a green can with flowers and a frolicking goat? that only costs $7.99 for all twelve cans? that’s a beer i can embrace. and stockpile. especially since it says ‘limited edition’ on it.

my grandmother lived through the depression and had nine kids. she had a veritable general store of her stockpiled non-perishables in her basement.

i only have three kids. and i don’t know if this is a depression or not, but times are tight and i’d like to think i learned a thing or two from my elders. i’ve got shelves in my basement too: full of beer with frolicking goats.


Gotta Run..... said...

So how much space are we talking???

Always LOVE your post!

Judi said...

you are a trip.

Kosmo said...

Genesee was the beer we used to drink after we ran through all the Natural Light.

Cindy said...

love the color! genesee...u are from my husband's neck of the woods!

bsegal said...

nice can(the beer, take it easy!), does it taste good? if pope's putting it after natural light, I'm thinking you need to pre-load w something before getting there. but again. nice can. this may require further investigation.

zencycle said...

Check out snapperhead and porkslappin' ales from butternuts brewery for great 'cans'


click on the barn door and the pond for their brews.

I reviewed them here:


zanne said...

love the snapperhead & porkslappin cans ... we'll have to give those a try on our trip back east - i'll keep an eye out.

freshen up - aw, come on. not the frolicking goat. really? must have been another genesee brew. yes?

i think it tastes good, but that might not be saying much.

but still. this is my story and i'm sticking to it. frolicking goat is cute.

~ lauren said...

i've never heard of that stuff! wonder if it's just not out here. i'll have to look around.

um, what did it taste like?

zanne said...

Lauren - try Whole Foods, that's where I got it ... its' a seasonal thing - so hurry!

um. it tasted like beer? (this is how unqualified I am). I'd choose it over Tecate - realize those could be fighting words, no?