Jan 29, 2007

that'll teach me ...

i'm on a post-run-5-miles-in-40-minutes-high & write to my coach to brag* about my uber fast time ... in addition to the crazy fast time from saturday's 12 mile run - i think i'm invincible.

*brag could be a strong word - i'm still convinced i ran through some sort of a 6 minute time sucking black hole, or planets were colliding - i mean, its just not possible, right?

so anyhow - i got myself an invite to "run with the big dogs". shit. the big dogs are my coach & whomever other uber-fast hard-core runners he runs with. hard core because get this - he is coming to pick me up at FOUR AM on thursday. they run at 4 am. enough said.

i am so not worthy. i am so not ready. i so need a paper bag. because the minute i got the panic- attack-inducing email, my heart rate went way the hell up & i desperately needed a paper bag to breathe into.

note to self: be more humble.