Jan 25, 2007

virgin blogger

first - a confession ... i don't generally like blogs.
i think they are a huge time suck.
actually, maybe i should clarify a bit - its' the crafty blogs that my dearest friend sends me that make me feel inadequate. the parenting blogs are funny - but my time could be better spent actually trying to parent. the political blogs i just don't get - they go way over my head.

now, that all said, i have recently been wasting an inordinate amount of time reading running blogs. blogs that i have now come to love, that i find hugely inspiring, that are not over my head or make me feel in any way inadequate ... i also spend an enormous amount of time maintaining my own personal running journal, thinking about running, dreaming about running, talking about running & der - running. - so i just bit the bullet - call me a hypocrite if you will - & started my own blog. my husband - thinks its' about time. he probably thinks if i chat about it here, i won't bore him with the minutae of my training.

so here i am - 38 years old ... among other smaller races, i've run 3 half marathons (am currently training for my 4th) & have run one full marathon - it happened to be one of the best days of my life. (right up there with marriage, giving birth & soloing an airplane).

i loved every single mile and cannot wait to do it again.

am happy to be here -- hope y'all don't mind wasting a few minutes to read about my running adventures.


Airstreamer said...

You are off to a great start! That E. sounds like he must be VERY supportive.

Unknown said...

welcome to the land of reduced productivity! thanks for the link!