Mar 17, 2007

busting my ass for sub-48

maybe i should have busted my ass a little harder - i missed it by 1:48.
i should be immensly pleased with overall time & improvements, and i am. really.
but of course, i am beating myself up over the minutae of that lost 1:48 ... let's analyze ...

i started too far back ... i thought it was a little "who do i think i am?" of me to line up towards the front & instead went further back where i somehow got myself behind the runners who were just out for a saturday stroll ... took forever to make way through. i am an idiot. note to self: (and my coach & husband said the same thing) i am a fast runner - i deserve to be up front.

heart rate was only 163 at the highest ... have learned from big dog runs that i can sustain 170 for about 2 miles ... should have kicked it in.

am sure there is more minutae that could contribute to the lost 1:48 ... i'll obsess over it all day.

at any rate - here are the numbers ... not bad at all. why am i not on cloud nine?

49:48 ... 8:01 pace
28th finisher in age group (out of 455 finishers in age group)

now - lets compare that to last year:
1:00:06 ... 9:40 pace
150th finisher in age group.

i moved up 122 places. and 1:40 pace per mile.

AND - i qualify for a seeded number at same race next year. seeded number, people.
AND - i beat the woman who kicked my ass in the homestretch of 5k two weeks ago.

not too shabby. but damn that 1:48.

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