Mar 20, 2007

track tuesdays

track tuesday, a.k.a - a day in which i am rendered completely useless. a day in which i drag myself through in an utter fog of oxygen deprivation & screaming, sore muscles, a day during which i wonder how i can ever muster up the energy to run again.

a day during which the biggest thing i might accomplish is; trolling the aisles in a zombie state looking for what has been promised to me as nothing short of rocket fuel coffee; and believe me, i need rocket fuel coffee. so i search the aisles, desperate for the coffee ... every muscle in my body is begging me to go back to bed. but i if i do nothing today but get this coffee, it is a good day. these are my tuesdays now.

alarm goes off at 4:10 & my first word is f--k! why do i continue to do this???? (it's a rhetorical question ... there is no answer. really. no answer for this sort of insanity).

i had 7 x 800's @ 7:30 w/ 1:30 recovery. That's running around the track shit-ass fast TWICE, with one easy jogging lap in between. 7 times. apparently, this torture is meant to make one faster. i'll keep you posted on that one ...

there is, however, something strangely zen about running around the track in the dark; with nothing to hear except your struggle to breathe & each painful footstrike, and you can hear coach closing in behind so you kick it in so he doesn't lap you. again. just run between those two white lines ... the ground somehow just moves beneath you. it's easy to get into a zone.

albeit a crazy, painful, throwing-up-is-a-viable-option, i-don't-even-have-the-energy-to-spit, wtf am i doing out here zone. but a zen-like zone nonetheless.

and now i have rocket-fueled coffee to get me through post track/zen run next tuesday.

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