Mar 26, 2007

oh! i remember why i do this now ...

....because i LOVE it!!! with all the obsessing over times, pace, heartrate, keeping up with the big dogs, etc ... i had forgotten why i do this. it was getting hard. i was getting tired.

if i just turn the brain off and go run - all the bliss comes back. the pure, fast, this is why i do this, i am runner woman hear me roar bliss.

i run because i love running and running loves me. we got a good thing going ... i love how strong and beautiful it makes me feel, love the muscles it puts on my legs. love the constant amazement at what my body is capable of accomplishing ...

love turning the corner to my street, passing the workmen who are standing around with their coffee & i fly by them - knowing i look shit hot. running made me feel that way.

love the constant challenge - trying to figure it all out. like - how is it that i can run an 8:16 pace so comfortably today, but am sucking wind on an 8:30 pace run with the big dogs? its a head thing ... think i need to stop worrying about keeping up & just run.

ahhh....its going to be a great day.

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Tall Girl Running said...

As much as I love running races, I have to say I really don't enjoy the training. My personality is such that I put too much emphasis on the numbers on the schedule and don't find as much pleasure in running just for the sake of running. I'm sure it's part of the reason I find myself in a slump often... and why my body chides me with occasional injuries. Gotta find that happy balance somehow

Thanks for an encouraging post!