Mar 31, 2008

chickpea brownies

1 1/2 cups of garbanzo beans
1 1/2 cups of carob chips
4 eggs
2/3 cup agave nectar
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

put the beans and the eggs in a food processor & mix it all together
melt the chips in a bowl in the microwave
pour the melted chips into smooshed beans & egg mixture
add agave nectar & baking powder
put in 350 oven for 40 minutes.

don't worry. you haven't landed on the wrong blog. it's still all about running my way to boston. but i've learned and shared a few foodie things from my nutritional overhaul with you: fun facts like bananas and clementines make for very good long run fueling, and refined sugar creates bad toxic g.i. mojo (for me at least). i thought maybe i'd share the knowledge that chickpeas can be turned into brownies. its true people, and it's like magic. i mean, who knew that chickpeas did more than make hummus? not me. jen sent me this recipe a few months ago and just yesterday i made it for the first time. i have to admit, i didn't expect them to be yummy. really though, who would? i had my typical glass is half empty there-is-no-way-in-hell-chickpea-brownies-can-be-good attitude. but my glass is half emtpy attitude always leaves room for pleasant surpises. these are good. way good. that said - i suggest that you don't try to pass them off as brownies. my kids weren't buying it. they said they were too "fluffy and cakelike" to be brownies. personally, i don't see anything wrong with fluffy and cakelike - perhaps if i had said "here kids, i made you some fluffy chocolate cake-like squares" they would have eaten it up. you know, both literally and figuratively. my husband didn't buy it either, but as soon as he heard they were made of chickpeas, they suddenly became amazingly delicious. chickpeas? really? yes. really. they make a great fluffy cake-like thing.

i have a really good hummus recipe too.


Anonymous said...

Chickpeas... huh! I love chickpeas and have on a few occasions made these savory crepe type thingies with chickpea flour, but had no idea you could use them whole to make fluffy chocolate cake-like squares!

house on hill road said...

you are going to have to give me one.

zanne said...

really! i have a whole plateful here. come & get one before they're all gone! kids are getting off the bus soon .... thinking about announcing the fact that i made them all some after-school fluffy chocolate cake squares.

Nancy said...

Really. Huh.


I heart hummus.

Anonymous said...

zanne's hummus is the best...anywhere...ever

: )

Gotta Run..... said...

Something about chickpea and brownies in the same title that just sounds WRONG. I will have to trust that you would not lead your blog buddies wrong.

I am hearing you on the "being careful" secret running stuff. I have been good since. Super sucks though!!!

zanne said...

nancy - yes, really.
mom - thanks.
gotta run - i know, it sounds totally wrong. imagine my pleasant surprise. i may just call it chocolate chickpea cake though ... i like the alliteration of it & the word chickpea can get lost between the more fun words like chocolate & cake.