Mar 16, 2008

me and my bike

we are trying to get to know each other again. to be friends like we were last summer. i've had mixed emotions about my bike lately. mostly, because being with the bike meant i wasn't running. and anything that kept me from running, or that i had to do in lieu of running - just made me mad. here's the thing about the bike: we were good buddies last summer. we got together all the time and really got to know each other. but now? we just don't get together often enough, and when we do - we just don't get along very well. on the once weekly, or even the pathetically infrequent bimonthly occasion that i do actually get on the bike, i suck at it. i don't know what i expect from once a week or even twice a month, but i've gotten myself into a vicious cycle of: not wanting to get on my bike cause i suck at it, and so, i wouldn't get on it -- which would just escalate that whole i-suck-on-the-bike-cause-i-rarely-get-on-it thing i had going on for me.

i have been trying really hard this past month to make the running work for me. i keep trying to go out and run to see if the physical therapy, or the massage, or two days off from running have worked and made it all better. but four miles into almost every run, i realize it hasn't worked. nothing is really better. but i still go out again and try the next day or the day after that. i think i am trying too hard. this occured to me on the two days i went running last week when it was ridiculously apparent that i was still sick and then when i came home from a run to realize i had almost golf-ball sized swelling on my knee. i think i make things worse for myself. i think i need a break. a mental break from trying so hard to make the running work right now.

which brings me back to my bike. if we want to be friends again, we have to go out more often. i started on this plan on saturday and i geared up and went out for a solo ride. and then today, my husband, who has now also taken on role of bike coach, thought i'd benefit more from getting some one on one coaching & practicing some confidence building skills instead of joining the gang for our regular sunday ride. two laps of our local park - with drills, shifting tips, a bunch of hills and 21 miles later - i do not remember the last time i felt as good on the bike as i did today. hell, i don't remember the last time i felt as good after any workout. it has been over a month since i have arrived on our front doorstep after a workout smiling. whether it was a ride or a run, i was coming home defeated & discouraged. a few more rides like todays' should have me and the bike on the path to a happy and mutually beneficial friendship.

i'll still run while me and the bike get back together. but right now, i need a new focus - my hope here is that the running, like riding a bike - will all come back to me. cause you never forget how to ride a bike, right?


Holden said...

Nope. You never forget how to ride the bike but while you're doing all that stealthy training, you missed a monster ride up Blunk Knob. I think there may be a few people who have new respect for the old Blunkster! heh, heh!

Nancy said...

You'll be back. Sounds like the knee needs a break. I'm glad you had such a good day on the bike. I totally suck at it. Should make for an interesting tri on Tuesday. :D

Stuart said...

Found you through Robin (GottaRun). Sounds like we all need to go for a bike ride together, the bad knee bike squad!

Vickie said...

I think you will find that once you get into the bike thing, you will be able to transfer all your running needs to hardcore bike workouts. In the process, you will get stronger, making the ITB thing just an annoyance. At least you can get 4 miles. When I had it BAD a few years ago, I could certainly go long distances, BUT after 3 miles I slowed down to a turtle pace and couldn't go faster even if a rabid dog was chasing me. Have you made friends with your tennis ball lately? Its a cruel tool, but it could help.

Nibbles said...

Your bike wants to love you :-) What kind do you have? It sounds like you had a wonderful ride. I'm thinking regular riding will strengthen your quads, which will in turn take some pressure off your knees.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm so glad you had a great ride!!! It's always awesome to come home smiling after a workout.

I really didn't think I'd like the bike when I started riding recently, but I love it! 'Course, that's probably 'cause on the bike, I can ride about as fast as you can run and it feels great to fly rather than to just plod along!

Anyway, you'll be back running in no time, I know it!

Gotta Run..... said...

We are living the same lives but in different towns!!! Crazy stuff!

Maybe I will have a heart to heart with my bike tonight and I can remove it from the trainer I have parked it on. Need to get on the roads again. Need some coaching!!

Anonymous said...

The last bike I owned was a bitchin' BMX off-roader. Of course I was 10 years old at the time. But man, that bike was sweet.

I still have scars from the many crashes we enjoyed together.

- Dean

Andria said...

I'm glad to hear you had a happy time with Mr. Bike. But I agree, I'd rather be running.