Apr 20, 2008

long run

the post title does not refer to the fact that i did a long run today.
but i did do the long run circuit race: a 1.7 mile 30 minute bike race.

last night, after i posted my race report from yesterday and agonizingly hobbled up the stairs, i couldn't believe i was going to race again the next day. and this morning, when i woke up; shit that i didn't even know i had - hurt. but then we got to the race course and i pre-rode it for a few laps with my husband. i got some good tips on how to take the turn so i didn't wind up swimming in the lake, and as i got up out of the saddle to climb the only significant hill, i was surprised that it didn't hurt nearly as much as i expected. of course, i found the hurt on lap two at race pace.

race report in a nutshell: crazy, slightly scary fast start. lots of twisty turny fast shit. i hang on for two laps before getting shelled off the back. but i do not give up or slow down and after three laps of solo hyperventilating and hauling ass, i catch the group. let me repeat: i catch the group. i wanted to throw up, i wanted to quit on the second lap when i started to really feel that hurt, but i kept going and finished my third race in 14 days with a group. granted, i was the last in the group, (the one girl behind me pulled out). but it didn't matter. it was fun as all hell.

in fact, these past two weeks have just been fun as all hell - a series of events that have fallen into place, like this is the way things were meant to happen. i'm just going to go with the flow and keep on having fun. it is all a breath of fresh air right now. running was always a solitary endeavor for me, which was purely my choice - i like running alone. but this whole team thing and the comraderie of the bike riding and racing is a whole new dimension that i am hooked on right now. that, and the door prizes are a total bonus! after saturdays' race, i won a totally girly, surfy looking cannondale bike pump don't know what makes it special for the chicks, other than the pretty colors - but i love it. and after yesterdays' race, i won these in a raffle. as the runner girl turned biker chick, and being the total newbie racer - i think everyone hated me a little bit for scoring such a sweet deal on the racing wheels. i'll just have to prove to everyone that i totally deserve them!


Anonymous said...

YAYYYY! This is SO awesome. I love your race reports.

Nice wheels, too, wow! You're a lucky biker girl!

house on hill road said...

door prizes? maybe i should reconsider....

Stuart said...

oooh nice go fast wheelz!

Congrats on pulling the lead group back to you, nice job!

Nancy said...