Apr 18, 2008

the perfect diversion

if things had gone a little differently on february 10th, i would likely be sitting on a plane bound for boston right now with my husband and our best friends. but, i am not on a plane. i am here. at my desk. blogging. i thought i would be crushed on this day, knowing that i am not headed to boston, but truth be told - i'd rather stick hot pokers in my eye that have to run 26.2 miles on monday. even if it is boston.

there was a time not so very long ago, when i thought that if i wasn't running - all. the. time. and racking up the miles, that i might shrivel up and die. i promise you, i thought this. the mere thought of not running, or cutting back on my running; either voluntarily or being forced by injury - made me insane and sent me into an ugly downward spiral. i didn't know what to do with myself if i couldn't run. but soon after birmingham, in my heart of hearts i knew i needed a break - a bigger break than i was willing to take, or cared to admit. frankly, i think it just scared the shit of me that i felt totally burned out.

but then, the perfect diversion to the burn out came along in the form of my monday night skirt rides. we were being coached by a pro rider on how to ride, how to race, what to do. i learned more in one month of riding with these girls than i have in an entire year of riding. and it was these rides and the support and encouragment of the girls i met on them that were the catalyst to try out a race last weekend. and last weekends' race was the catalyst to sign up for two more this weekend. it all seemed to fall together, as if it was all meant to happen. i am finally, finally just having fun. there are no comparisons. no times on any clock from last year. no pr's to beat or make. no number or pace needed to qualify. there is no anxiety. it's all new. and its' fun. i feel like i can breathe now and i am loving the refreshing change it all offers.

the best part about the i-am-not-in-boston race diversions? they don't feel like diversions. the other best part? racing with my new team. yeah, you read that right. runner girl finds herself the newest member of the local cycling team. never in a million years did i think i'd ever ride my bike in a race, much less be on a team. but then again, there was a time when i never thought i'd run a marathon, much less three of them.

you gotta start somewhere.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Thanks for sharing this. It makes you think about why you do things at times.

house on hill road said...

go biker chick!

and just an update...i only made it a half mile yesterday before i had to turn around. it is not looking good.

Gotta Run..... said...

During the past month I have really learned a ton about myself and what running has meant to me. There is so many directions we can go and I am seeing that a little clearer each day!!!

It is a new world out there girl!!

You are amazing!!!