May 24, 2008

biggest week evah

i just finished wincing my way through sticking my legs.
it was a big bike week.
170 miles big.

i took monday off to recover from two days of racing, then went on a regular tuesday night club ride. without a doubt, it was my best ride ever. i've been waiting for this ride and that feeling i used to get on a run - that perfect, zen-like feeling that it was all coming together and i was doing exactly what i was meant to be doing. i never had this on the bike - up until now it was on my list of things that the bike never gave me. but i got it big on tuesday. iambikergirlhearmeroar. seemeclimb. seemeride. i had more juice than i knew what to do with and i wanted to burn it all up on the ride. i kept trying, but couldn't get rid of all the energy - i had it to spare when the ride was over and wished the ride wasn't over. the stored energy spilled over into the next mornings' intervals and i just figured i was the coolest chick ever.

but then, my husband must have thought i was getting too full of myself. he took me on a regular thursday night ride; and as i looked at the people gathered for the ride, i started to get a little nervous. they looked hardcore. they looked fast. i was trying out my flashpoints again, but i wasn't so sure they were going to help me. and as we started through the park i knew they weren't going to help me and i silently cursed my husband who was up in front of the pack jacking up the pace. as we were coming out of the park and i found myself in hyperventilating mode, i thought my friend was the biggest genius i had ever met when she said she was out, she was going to spin in the park. and the thought briefly occured to me as i see the group ahead & the gap is so big between me and the majority, its embarrassing. i slow down. i think, i'll go find my friend and spin the park. but then, the cycling gods smiled down on me in the form of traffic and a stop sign and i picked it up and caught them - and then sucked wheels and sucked wind for about 30 miles. it was an ass-kicking hard ride, but i figured i was due for one. it had been a whole 5 days since i got my ass kicked in a windy criterium. and tuesday's ride was just too good to be true. but i stuck with the whole damn ride, was with a group the entire time, and was thrilled at the end to participate in a sprint to the finish and then sit on the deck of the bike shop with the gang and have a beer.

another big ride yesterday with some old friends and new, brought my weekly total to 170. my biggest week ever. i also got the pleasure of experiencing my first flat tire evah. we're riding. we're riding. in a two-up pace line. (that is 2 riders right next to each other, in a line - 2x2). downhill. i'm chatting with the guy next to me. about his kids, schools, you know - the stuff you chat about as you fly down a hill at 31 mph. the next thing i hear (after the word HOLE! is yelled down the line) is what sounds like metal flying off the back of my bike and i swear, i think it is my back tire and i am amazed at how i am staying upright. then i hear friend behind me yell and i hear people saying she has a flat, and some people are still riding and i am still riding and i know something is wrong with my bike, but i don't know what - i pull over and say i think i have a flat too. i never saw the hole and hit it dead on, same as my friend behind me. everyone was amazed that we stayed upright and i secretly thought "how cool are we? we can flat at 31mph going downhill and not crash". i was also happy that there were a bunch of people there with extra tubes, pumps, and tire-changing know how. i made a note to myself to get a tire changing lesson for my big 55 mile road race in a few weeks. there won't be a bunch of people there to help me.

so that was my week. post two races; i kicked ass on two rides, got my ass kicked on another, flatted out and did my longest ride ever without pancakes in between. 170 miles feels pretty good. feels especially good now that i'm done sticking my quads.


Anonymous said...

"sticking?" what is this "sticking?" needles? dismount?

your cousin is cute as a button, btw.

zanne said...

caroline - it's a massage stick ... there's a link in the post. plastic stick with little plastic rings on it that you roll on your muscles - one of those 'hurts so good' things. very good for sore muscles!

Unknown said...

Okay, enough of this biking nonsense. You need to get back into running so we can meet up in Boston! (But way to kick ass!)

Vickie said...

I'd say you are now hardcore--or getting there fast! Went to my first criterium today (not in it, watching--check out Cisco Cycling). Next year I hope you come up for this! They needed a woman to kick some ass!

zanne said...

vickie, hardly hardcore and not anywhere near kicking anyone's ass in a crit except my own, but i thank you for the vote of confidence - i'll totally take it! think i still need another year under my belt at the very least before i'm hardcore & racing crits even remotely well. but i will check out that link you suggested! thanks!!

Stuart said...

Dang diggerty dang, that monthly mileage meter is going to top 600 this month! Way to go!

PS gotta love the stick and his big bro the foam rolla!

Anonymous said...

Wowzah! You rock. You are way more hardcore than I am, that's for sure! I ran 4 miles before going to watch and cheer on marathoners this weekend. Definitely a difference. :)