May 29, 2008


i write this post through the slight haze that is the morning after my 12 year old son's birthday sleepover. the plan was simple and low key: a few boys, some pizza, a movie and some (okay a lot of) video games. the night was indeed simple, but there was nothing low-key about it. there was a lot of laughter, much belching and soda did come flying out of someone's nose. i should have started a tally on how many times i heard the word dude. when they came back from the movie a few hours later completley wired i questioned my sanity as i cut a piece of sugary, frosting laden cake for them.

as the boys were licking the last bit of frosting off the plates and at the same time wandering about the house looking for the next activity, one boy spies a pile of games on a bookshelf and i hear this priceless exchange:

boy 1: lets play perfection!
boy 2: dude, that game scares the crap out of me.

it cracks me up. they can play scary video games, see scary movies and not blink an eye; but man, that timer runs out and the tray pops up splaying little plastic geometric shapes everywhere and a bunch of twelve year old boys scream like little girls. don't even get me started on the laughter and screaming that the buzzer would elicit when trying to remove the brain freeze ice cream cone from the guys' head on operation.

despite the embarrassing plethora of computer and video games in our house, it was the good old-fashioned games that held the most allure last night. after perfection it was onto scrabble, where i watched a boy who played it for the first time ever use up all his tiles on the first word and get 63 points on another word.

i've sent them all outside now and am almost finished with my pot cup of coffee. maybe i should go see if i can dig up our slip n slide. bet they'd have a great time with that.


Anonymous said...

Man, that's funny! Where were dudes #3 & #4 through all this? (as the mother of dude #3 or #4, please don't tell me he was on the computer or the phone!)

Anonymous said...

1. that's hilarious!

2. you changed your name! I love it. Love love love it!

3. I'm addicted to scrabulous right now.

Bob - said...

a bunch of twelve year old boys scream like little girls.
LOL ahhh we are wimps huh :-)

Ok dude have a great weekend ! !

Stuart said...

Great post, we have all of this to look forwrd to with out nearly 4yo and 7mo...good times keep'm coming!

63 points...awesome!

house on hill road said...

you are a brave woman.
new name, huh?
that threw me for a loop on good ol' bloglines. ;)

Gotta Run..... said...

I am a believer in basic board games. Those really are the best of times!!!

Vickie said...

Yeah, the old time games are always the best. Goes to show you how great the 60s were! We had to invent that stuff because we didn't have anything else!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, that's hilarious! :)

Just catching up on about - yikes has it been three weeks?? - worth of your posts. You are, like, some kind of phenom on the bike! Holy cow! And I love that you're running trails, too! That sounds so liberating!