Aug 23, 2008

girl and her bike

this is me. and my new bike.
it finally arrived.
and after the cluster that was getting it built - a build that included three trips to the shop (not close by) to pick up parts that should have been included and an amazingly weird manufacturer defect which was a freakish dud of a deraullier hanger;
it's finally built.
and its mine.
this is the first bike that is not a hand me down.
now, don't get me wrong -
i get some pretty sweet hand me downs.
but this one is all mine. and it fits.
i don't have to fight it and its not a tank.
in fact, it's light as heck.
so when i crash, i am not crushed like a bug underneath
and its' lightness is
good for shouldering & running up a hill or some stairs.
i love my new bike. and the super sweet zebra handlebar tape.


ItchyBits said...

Yeah! Need a better picture of the bike. Did you stick with Cannondale?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for my dream ride. Nothing like something that is made to measure eh?

Anonymous said...


Groover said...

I'm with Betty! Better picture is needed so we can admire your new ride. :-) Congrats and you'll be flying! Can't wait to read all about it. It will make a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm stoked you got your new ride!! Can't wait to read the first race report. And I'm totally digging the zebra tape. I might have to get some for my bike.

zanne said...

betty & groover - oops! picture of bike added. yes - stuck with the cannondale. X6. All sram components (i need to re-learn how to shift - i've only ever used shimano). it's awesome & feels so comfortable. now, to just start to nail the dismounts & get rid of that little stutter step on the remount!

nat: agreed! my road bike fits great too (that one is the hand me down, but its perfect!) ... i was worried about the cx bike sizing, so yes, it is SO nice to have figured out the fit & actually have it here!

thanks vegan!

pamster: please tell me you are trying cross this year, i really think it is right up your alley.

Cindy said...

sexy bike!

Vickie said...

Ooh, nice bike! You now can become one with the bike and know what it is to ride as a team together (you and the bike of course!).

house on hill road said...

sweet ride lady.

Stuart said...

Very nice!

Laurel said...

Nice ride! I actually got my first bike a few weeks ago. It's not a road bike, but a hybrid. We moved to Philly last month and we have amazing trails/paths all over the place. I have been loving the new bike! Maybe one day I will upgrade to a road bike ;)

Anyway, thank you so much for your well wishes a few months back. I had no idea what you had gone through and I honestly don't know how you did it, but your story filled me with so much hope knowing what a beautiful family you have now. Thank you so much :)