Aug 18, 2008

lay off the americano

for the past week we have had infuriatingly intermittent internet and its driving me to distraction and the drink. i wonder what we ever did before internet and i see what a habit checking my email has become when i wake up and head to the computer before i realize that we are offline - its like when the lights go out in a storm but you still flip a switch to turn a light on. so during our outage, i've taken to blogging and working from the coffee shop and no, my girl crush is not here today. but i have been here so long that i feel i have to justify taking up this space by drinking. large americanos to be exact.

so i'm trying to catch up on emails and i'm trying to work on a website and keep an eye on a forum post that got out of hand and figure out cowbell and water bottle orders and cafe press shops for team off-the-bike apparel and i'm reading blogs and writing them and i'm instant messaging my husband ranting about this and that mostly about the fact that we dont have internet and its taking too long for the photos to load on website and i come here to work and can't send emails and he tells me the the airstream (a.k.a team bus) got broken into and thats another whole series of instant message rants then he tells me to lay off the americano. i think he's onto something.


ItchyBits said...

Funny about the coffee. Bummer about the "bus". Creeps.

Anonymous said...

Two words:




Groover said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Feeling much more normal instantly. Thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

whoa. yeah, I think he's right. You don't usually sound like that. :)