Feb 14, 2009

letters from lulu

last week, my nine year old asked me if i would buy her a new game for her nintendo ds. i’m sure i raised my eyebrows at her in that we are in a recession, and until it starts raining money, i’m not heading out to just willy nilly buy games for you people way. but before i could say all that stuff, she explained that it was a math tutoring game. and girlfriend does indeed need some help in the basic, rote, math skills area. i go online to verify that it is indeed a tutor-y, fun, learn-y sort of game and since i am not sitting down with her and the flashcards, i was happy to buy the game for her.

this blatant, buying of a new ds game for one daughter did not sit well with the other daughter. even though i tried to smooth it over by saying it was just to help her with her math skills.

you know where this is going, right?

right as rain, that girl wrote me a letter. i had recently told a friend that in the absence of being able to write about what i’d really love to write about, i just wait for my daughter to come home from school with something funny and inspirational. she never disappoints. days after buying the game for annabel, this comes home in the backpack:

Dear Mom,

I don’t think it is fair that Annabel got a video game and I did not. I’ve been wanting Dogz pack for two years. I want it because, I want to be a pet sitter when I grow up and I don’t have the skill for it. I know I have Nintendogs but that’s not enogh. I’d really like it if you got me it. Like you could youse half of your money and i’ll youse half of mine. We can totaly work this out. I will love takeing care of dogs when I grow up. Because you will help me get the skill by buying the game. I will love it, then I will take care of dogs the way they need.

From, Claudia

i swear, i have got a book floating around in my head somewhere, but at this point, i may just have claudia qhost write the whole thing. she’s got way more material. maybe i should just call the book letters from lulu.

far more entertaining than the family saga i had up my sleeve, or the rv road trip adventures of the webster clan.


ItchyBits said...

Kids! Just think the request could be for the $100 Gears of War replica SAW gun with painted on blood. I am tortured with that daily. Game Crazy or Game Stop sells used versions much cheaper if you have one nearby.

Anonymous said...

she is a pip!!

bsegal said...

I'd like to pre-order my copy of the RV book. I just hope you're gentle when u write about all of us.
2 things- both of these kids could make a mint in either sales or advertising. Second-whats the DS math game? We need that for kid a, he has my math gene.

Anonymous said...

We can totally work this out.

Man, she really knows how to push the buttons. I wonder what she's REALLY going to do when she grows up. Lawyer?

Nancy said...

Oh precious. You should totally youse half your money. I loved the part where she said you can work this out. I'm guessing she's heard that. Love it when they start using your own lines back on you.

Missing you.

Gotta Run..... said...

We can totaly work this out.


You need to publish this stuff in a book. Really!

Judi said...

ok zanne, no offence, but i am still really glad i don't have kids. your posts recently are just verifying it. not that your kids aren't good kids, cuz i have met them and all, i just like being an aunt. is that bad?

zanne said...

IB - am actually not sure why we have not gotten the request for the $100 GOW replica gun from the 12 year old. sheesh. is that coming next?

mom - pip indeed!!!

bsegal - we don't need it to start raining money here, we just need one of our kids to start supporting through their clever writing. Math game for you & anyone else who may want to spend $20 instead of whatever a tutor costs is part of the Personal Trainer Series: Master Math.

prickly - my prediction is actress.

nancy - miss you too ... am sure she has heard it somewhere. am just waiting for the whole "I have had it up to here with you people".

gotta run - there is a book somewhere in my head, i just know it.

judi - its not bad at all. as a matter of fact, we had a few kids sleep over just this past weekend & when they all left, i told my husband he could go get that v-snip any time!