Feb 10, 2009

sometimes, i want to be 7 again.

i watch my seven year old leave the house everyday in her favorite shoes. the shoes she can’t live without - black patent leather mary janes. and i can remember, like it was yesterday, when i was her age and i had a pair of shoes i couldn’t live without; patent leather mary-janes. only mine were reredpatentleathersCLOSEUPd.

right now, it seems that my seven year old is providing me with more blog material that i can currently come up with on my own.

but my own material would consist of the frustrations of not being able to please everybody, of treading rough waters and of feeling that i am in over my head.

it might consist of the fact that my head has been in a fog and only just now is the fog lifting and i feel creative.

or i’d write about the day to day of winter training and of how i just want the season to start already, or of how much i love the all too rare official “day off” on my training schedule in which it is suggested that i do things like: nap, listen to music, get a massage, stay off my feet as much as possible or float in water. cause the thought of floating in water makes me laugh.

or it would be about how nice it was to finally get off the damn trainer and get outside with good friends and teammates and get some good, long rides done in 60 degree weather.

or i’d write about how i wish i didn’t care what people thought about me or said about me, but i do.

my seven year old has got it all figured out. this just came home from school to go with the definition of a personal view of oneself:

I’m butiful.
I’m smart.
I’m cute.
I’m awsome.
I love my family.
I think Spongebob is the best.
Sparkly shoes make me look cool.

cause that’s just so much easier.


ItchyBits said...

Aw man what a cute pic! I think you need to blog about all that stuff you mentioned. Change the names to protect the innocent. An anonymous blog can come in handy!

house on hill road said...

you are beautiful, you are smart, you are cute, you are awesome, you love your family and i know you have one killer pair of shoes that makes you feel better, too.
spongebob? - well, i'm not sure about him.
let's get coffee soon.

Cindy said...

adult life is so much more complicated. i agree with IB, blog away! get it off your chest! i don't know that i want to be seven again because i was NOT as cute as you were. i had a bowl cut and looked like Tattoo from 'fantasy island.'

Gotta Run..... said...

I don't even remember if I had a fav pair of shoes. Now I do remember these shorts that I just loved. And my first blue 10 speed. That baby was sweet.

You are really bringing me back to my childhood :)

Stuart said...

Our eldest definitely has his favorites and can distill everything down to the simplest thing! It's sometimes humbling to see how their mind works in such ways to make leaps that adults are often incapable of!

Anonymous said...

be still my fluttering heart......my little sweetie pie...i loved that outfit! and you...always...m

and lulu is a wonder...love that letter :)

Judi said...

someone has the winter blues. hang in there zanne, we're halfway thru this mess. soon we will be riding outside! and i am going to be coming down to train for imky and we can hook up for looooong rides. cool??

and yes, you are beautiful, you are smart, you have a killer body after having all those kids, and you kick ass on a bike. plus you race cx which makes you even more hardcore in my book.

Groover said...

I hear you! Can I borrow your seven year old from time to time? Would give you more spare time to float in water (you have been reading Friel's training bible secretly, haven't you?). Would save me heaps of $$$ in counselling sessions. LOL

Anonymous said...

Um, that just cracks me up! TOO FUNNY!

zanne said...

IB - anonymous blog very tempting sometimes!

House - curiously, that pair of killer shoes is red. and god i do love those shoes! - i do also think spongbob is a riot.

cindy - you never cease to crack me up. tattoo?

gotta run - my first bike was red too ... am seeing a red pattern here.

stuart - so true. love how those little minds work!

mom - i so remember those shoes, and have since found more pictures of so many outfits that i remember so well ... all those dresses we bought at Jay's! where was that place? Tannersville? sheesh. i see a future post about Jay's.

judi - yes. winter blues big time. a big, bad, ugly funk. I am looking forward to some long rides with you when you come to visit! when we race CX together this fall, you will see I am not so hardcore - I am a big scaredy cat!

groover - yes, my coach subscribes to the Joe Friel methods ... and I read that damn bible while I am rolling away the hours on the trainer!

caroline - she walks in the door from the bus every day & whips these letters out of her backback and I am hunched over the sink reading them every day just trying to supress the giggles and laughter. It is getting to the point where I am actchulay a little bummed if she doesn't have a letter on her. what? no persuasive letter today? what on earth am i going to write about??