Jan 29, 2007

3 things

1. today begins an easy week. actually, it begins an easy two weeks ... my schedule has been adjusted to accommodate the 8 day Caribbean cruise my husband & i are leaving for on friday! a cruise was always an "over-my-dead-body" sort of thing i vowed I would never do -- but the tickets were a gift & you just don't look a gift horse in the mouth. -- hoping i can keep up the schedule while sunning & drinking fruity little drinks with umbrellas in them ...

2. now, (and most importantly!) to today's mind boggling 5 miles. 40:41 / 8:08 pace. i feel like i must have run through a black hole or pigs were flying somewhere ... a month ago i was over the moon about a fairly regular 46 minute 5 mile run & i just knocked one out in 40 ... will wonders never cease?

hope its' just a sign of things to come & not the result of planets colliding or a full moon or something...i think its' a sign that my coach is a genius & my schedule is nothing short of a magic elixir.

and then this: i got this email from my husband today - (if i don't run first thing in the am, it usually takes me forever to finally get out door) ... clearly, i had already told him a kabillion times that i was on my way out ...

Clearly the phrase “I’m going running” translates loosely into “I’m going to walk around in my running clothes for an hour, check email, read a few running blogs to get motivated, check “Oprah”, yell at the dog, tell everyone who’ll listen I’m going for a run…then after a little while….I’ll actually run.

If you added your “run prep time” to your actual run time you’re somewhere around a 24:60 per mile pace.

Have a good one.

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Tall Girl Running said...

Oh boy, can I relate (sigh). The "preparation time" to go running sometimes turns out to be longer than the run itself. I really need to work on my just-get-out-and-get-it-done-already technique.

Thanks for checking into my blog. I'll be back to yours!