Sep 17, 2007

happy monday

i delayed leaving the house for this mornings' 7 miles.
was so convinced from mondays past, that monday runs suck.
i wasn't in any rush to get it started.
i love being wrong.
it couldn't have been more perfect.
7 fast, happy, zen miles.
sunny, chilly - long sleeves pulled over hands miles
that ended at the coffee shop to catch up with a friend.
warm coffee to take off the chill
and a walk home in the sun.
one more square crossed off the schedule.
one more day closer.
i've changed my mind.
monday runs don't suck.
a monday run can be bliss.


Anonymous said...

That makes me very happy for you.

Gotta Run..... said...

Now that is a perfect Monday morning run!! Can I join next week?

With a break in all this heat it gave me a renewed spirit on this past weekends runs. Just dreamy I tell ya!!

Anonymous said...

it sounds perfect!

Vickie said...

Its always hard doing a semi-long run after a long run, but its what makes you stronger, and eventually you realize it! Aren't you glad the weather has cooled a little?

zanne said...

haha - that's exactly what happened. the sudden realization that it didn't suck. like - whoa! when did this get to be not so bad?! i think the weather definitely helps, too! totally dreamy.