Sep 6, 2007

i worry.

so i come back from this mornings' big dog run, which was hard -
but not as hard as last week.
but still. it was hard.
i enter the workout into my spreadsheet thingy,
and see the pace i was running and in an instant -
panic is sitting right next to me.
with a cup of coffee & a smug look on his face.
and he says, if it was that hard, how on earth are you going to maintain that for 26.2 miles?
and i listened to him.

and i go into the kitchen and say to my husband,
" i worry because" ... and i rattle off a long and breathless list and banal detail about paces,heartrates, great runs vs. bad, the sunday long runs that feel great & like i can run forever vs. the big dog runs at near marathon pace that are currently kicking my butt

and when i'm done, he says:
you could have just stopped at "i worry".

and he rattles off a list of all the perfectly valid reasons for the good sunday runs & the tough thursday runs ... the very same reasons my coach emailed back to me later in the day

shit. i didn't think panic would stop by for a visit this early.


Anonymous said...

deep will do it.

zanne said...

breathing. breathing. thank you!

Gotta Run..... said...

Are we sisters or something??? You crack me up!! Remember that with each week you will have progress with where you are in your plan. Stay focused girl!! If each week you feel tired then you may be on over loaded. you know all this... now calm down silly!

keep breathing... you are right on track.

zanne said...

of course, in theory, i know this. it's just a perfect example of how my head messes with my mojo. i can mess with my own mojo like nobody's business!

Vickie said...

If you don't run scared, you won't keep trying.

Anonymous said...

They're called racing pun intended because I don't mean thoughts on legs.

We let all the demons and crud invade our thinking in nanoseconds and crowd out perfectly rational, foundational thinking that we're really made of

As I've learned to recognize the onslaught of my racing thoughts, I can center my thinking better and reclaim the confident, stable me.

...and yes, breathing is a powerful technique...