Nov 15, 2007


so i'm making dinner the other night. tuesday i think it was, not that that's important. and i'm looking in my fridge for the fakey soy veggie shred cheese i have come to love and that i know is in there. and i swear its in there somewhere.

so i'm digging. pushing things aside. looking way back. and then i see it. way back in the far corner. holy shit. close the door. open it back up again. jesus. there it was.


there was a can of frosting back there. and i swear, it was smiling at me. if there was ever a time to call a sponsor. this was it. i call my husband downstairs. i text my coach. who responds with step away from the fridge. my husband threw it out. i didn't want to touch it. good thing too - cause as coach said, it might have accidentally opened.

and all of this a mere hour after texting my friend that i'm really not feeling the cravings so much anymore. perhaps i spoke too soon.


Frayed Laces said...

Hey, at least you called for reinforcement. I would have checked to make sure no one was looking, stuff it under my shirt, and hidden somewhere while I indulged in the forbidden fruit. Granted, I would be in pain the next day (I think our GI systems are kindred spirits) but it so would be worth it. Kudos to you; keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Good for you for showing restraint (or at least having your husband FORCE you to show it!) I was eying the Milky Way bar in the jack-o-lantern bowl at my client's house today. I was THIS CLOSE to snatching it, but decided I should leave it for their 3-year-old.

Anonymous said...

I think I need a sponsor. I've been eating garbage for a couple of weeks now.



Vickie said...

The mind is more powerful than the stomach! I have to tell you this frosting story of mine. (See I told you I used to do this stuff!) I had to make a birthday cake and as I was putting the frosting on, funny thing that the frosting never made it on the cake. I sat and ate almost the WHOLE can, leaving just enough for a glaze on the cake, which I used water to thin out. My eyesight is bad enough I figured no one would really notice. That's not the way it went unfortunately. And that story is still being told today.

Anonymous said...

goodness girl! what you gonna do on monday?

Gotta Run..... said...

Thank GOD your husband was there!!!!

Laurel said...

Hahah, it was SMILING at you! I love it!