Nov 29, 2007

the big dogs

i was back with the big dogs this morning. it had been six weeks since i had run with the group. before i got my new schedule, i had high hopes that i would finally be able to start and end a run with the gang. i thought my days of bringing up the rear were over. but that was before i got my schedule with two back to back days of mile repeats. keeping up wasn't so much an option for me today.

which bummed me out. and so i had to keep reminding myself that my legs had two days of mile repeats in them and i was still out there, at 5am running faster than i would be if i was on my own. but i wasn't. oh, it was 5am alright, but i wasn't running very fast. once in the car, i ask coach what the mileage was and i found out what our pace was. shit. it shouldn't have been hard. but it was.

this was my first full week of new, shit hard schedule. in looking back at my food log, i did a really good job of refueling from sunday's run. so i'd like to think this wasn't a not-enough-food thing. it was a three-shit-hard-workouts-in-a-row thing. and they weren't awful. they were just hard. and hard is fine. it is what it is. it's week one. and since i love a good experiment, we'll just see how week two goes.

but if it all remains just too hard, in that it actually does kill me, or threaten to, before it makes me stronger, we'll rethink the schedule. rearrange things if we need to. i'm meant to keep coach posted on how i am feeling on the runs. let him know if the big dog runs are just too tough. i think this is sort of funny. they are always tough. i have no doubts he'll know the point at which they've become too hard. cause he'll look back to see if i am still there and i'll be sitting on the curb. crying.

but! hard workouts aside, the sugar free thing is no longer very hard. i can finally walk by the candy aisle and ignore all the bags of chewy, fruity, sugar covered things crying out my name. zanne, eat us. we are yummy.

and i want to say, don't mess with me, sugar. i am over you.


RunToTheFinish said...

well I hope your schedule doesn't kill you, that would be pretty sad for those of us who are inspired by you and I'm pretty sure your hubby.

I've been slowly cutting back the sugar, but I think that the cold turkey thing might be the only real way to stop the cravings...oye.

Vickie said...

Be patient and consistent. I'm guessing by week 6 you will see a huge change. If not, then maybe it is too hard. And kicking the sugar thing is good. Once you get those cravings under control--they don't disappear--even if you slip here and there it won't be disastrous. And you will feel sick if you do overindulge, which will be a good reminder the next time you think you can get away with it. (Does it sound like I've been through this??)

Nancy said...

Oh Sugar, she's over you! HA HA HA GOOD FOR YOU!!

I had a great eating week too. Need to put many weeks together and make this the norm rather than a great accomplishment. :D I think I might be back on the wagon.

Hang in there with the big dogs. They ARE big dogs. You are doing great and all this is making you super strong.