Nov 9, 2007


so soon? yes.
it aint pretty.

i had my double breakfast. double is a lot. its like, double. but i forged ahead. i had a delicious mid-morning post-shit-ass-fast-run smoothie. i had my lunch with a honkin' pile of greens.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. because before i had my lunch, i had to go to the market to get some bread. did you know that every damn loaf has high fructose corn syrup? i was starting to get mad. i was sort of throwing the loaves back on the shelves, letting them fall where they may. i finally found a loaf. in the homemade, $10 per loaf section. (it is quite yummy). so i'm walking through the market with my spendy loaf of bread. and i'm in a bit of a daze. and a little foggy. god, i'm so hungry. and in my past life, which was ah - yesterday, i would have grabbed a soda. or i would have gotten some gumdrops & eaten some while i shopped. and i bump into a friend and we chat. and i'm getting irritable. and i say i can't chat anymore, i have to go home to eat.

and on the drive home, i wonder if the half eaten bag of gumdrops that i triumphantly threw in the garbage last night is still in there. and then i snap out of it. and i think i need to call a sponsor or something. the stark realization that i am a candyholic has hit me. somebody please talk me off this ledge. i cannot be dumpster diving in my own kitchen for candy.


Nancy said...

Wow, that sounds serious. It will take a few days to get yourself away from the sugar cravings. God, it's like an addict or something. :D You will be fine!!

Laurel said...

Haha...oh you poor thing! I feel you, candy is my weakness too! And bread. Oh, potatoes too ;)

You can stick to this. It's only going to take a week or two for your body to get use to it and you'll be passing up the candy aisle in no time!

Unknown said...

I certainly hope you don't get sugar withdrawal headaches. Although I don't drink a ton of coffee (typically 2 mugs in the morning), if I go without then the caffeine headache hits in the afternoon. Not fun!

Hopefully you'll soon get to the bottom of your nutrition issues (tee hee, I said "bottom")

Holden said...

Awesome! I just noticed the National Anthem widget over there. Oh man... I have to put together a CD of Southern Hymns to get you fully acclimated for Plan B. Let's see there's... Molly Hatchett, Nazareth, 38 Special

zanne said...

haha .. told ya'-- that was special .. just for you. its on my run list now & gets me all fired up. woo hoo! love a plan b.

zanne said...

nancy - yes. its exactly like i'm an addict! laurel, yes - hoping that will be the case; a few weeks of this & then i'll no longer want it so badly! betsy - no headaches. notyetanywayknockonwood. i was fairly surprised that the withdrawal was so painfully apparent on just day one. and only about halfway into day one! i figured i'd be totally cool for a couple of days & then i'd start jonesing for the candy. after i wrote this post, however, my day picked up a bit; i climbed out of my slump with a very wise snack choice & had a great & very energetic rest of the day! woo hoo! 13 more days to go!

Gotta Run..... said...

I would try and talk you off the ledge but I would have to put the gumdrops down and that would be SO hard. Actually I went food shopping today and realized that I need more work than I thought. It took me 90 minutes which is 45 plus minutes longer than it normally takes to shop for a weeks food. Did I mention that I spent more than $50 more than I normally do!! Add that up for a month and that is a lot.

Need to do better with cost and food ideas. You sure have starting something girl!

Anonymous said...

okay, when I played the widget, I literally laughed out loud. Please note, whenever anyone thinks of Alabama, that song naturally comes to mind. I am sure you will here it at some point in the race....and maybe, I will call some friends to play it while watching just for you!! ha!!! Love it!!