Nov 20, 2007

plan b schedule

i've been running whatever miles i want to and however many days i want to in the past few weeks since the marathon. and while i totally thought it would make me wiggy - and it did, for a bit, i started to get used to it. but i never feel like i am officially "in training" until there is an actual schedule. i need a visual. i need a plan. and i need to cross off the squares. and so last night, my plan b schedule finally made its appearance in my inbox. my excitement over having an official schedule subsided a weensy bit when i saw that coach had said to take a deep breath before reading. oh jesus. am i gonna need a paper bag? so i open the attachment - and there's my schedule, staring me squarely in the face. he should have told me to pour myself a double scotch too. mile repeats. are back. to back. twice a week. back to back. screw the paper bag & a scotch. there has got to be a bag of gumdrops somewhere around here that i can cry into.

but after the initial shock of back to back mile repeat days topped off with a big dog run wore off and i had some time to mull over my new and very challenging plan b schedule, i put on my big girl pants and could see it was a good schedule in that what-doesn't-kill-you-makes-you-stronger way; and i'm actually excited.

monday - swimming
tuesday - mile repeats
wednesday - mile repeats
thursday - big dog run
friday - off
saturday - bike
sunday - long run.
total miles most weeks - 44+

the long runs are really long and for this i am thrilled. i love long run sundays, and i love that there's a bunch of 'em. plenty of chances to figure out what works best going into run, during run & coming out of run.

let the madness begin again.
marathon training.
its official.
plan b training started this morning with a mile repeat.


Anonymous said...

Gulp. That is a challenging schedule ... but I can see how you'd be excited, too! can't wait to read about it along the way! :)

Gotta Run..... said...

I SOOO love a good plan. From the looks of it Friday will be a welcomed off day. Looks strong for you Mrs.BQ!!

Your sugarless days will soon be complete. I am doing rather great for day 5. It is getting easier. I may just be able to pull this off after all.

Happy Turkey Day!

Laurel said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds like a plan. Now you can get to x-ing off boxes ;)

Good luck!

RunToTheFinish said...

wow that is a big girl schedule and it's going to make you so strong for this next race!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a fun, though obviously really challenging, plan! It's awesome that you get to cross-train!