Mar 20, 2008

cautiously optimistic

i'm reluctant to even write this.
you know, because of the whammy-factor.
i don't want to put one on myself. i've done it before.
in fact, i daresay i have a pattern of this behavior:
i get all jacked up and excited and announce that i've had
a fairly ok, pain free run one day
only to hear my knee start to talk smack the next day.
i should just keep quiet. see how it goes first.
but since i don't know how to do that,
and i'm fairly bursting at the seams with excitement
and at the same time trying to remain cool and realistic
here goes:
i ran today. and the day before yesterday too.
and this is mostly significant because
for two runs in a row, for the first time in 5 weeks,
there was zero pain. zero. none. nada. zilch.
two runs. in a row.
and i may be jumping the gun a bit,
and therefore putting the whammy on myself -
it wouldn't be the first time.
but i just counted out the number of weeks until
physical therapist knows this has been my hopeful plan.
she hasn't told me i'm delusional. yet.
keep your fingers crossed.
knock on wood.
i wonder if there is a patron saint i can bury in the backyard.
the saint of
happy knees, you can totally gear up to run 13.1 in five weeks.
i think i might be a weensy bit delusional.
perhaps too excited over past two runs.
must.calm.down -
see how next few runs play out.
but still. i could always use some sort of happy running-mojo
patron saint buried in the backyard. for times such as this.

postscript (added post-run friday):
now its' three runs.
three pain free runs in a row.
knocking on wood.


Anonymous said...

Maybe its my nerdiness or maybe because I just went to Maundy Thursday service but I had to research this saint
St. Sebastian...he's the patron saint of athletes...go put him in your gym bag to watch over you!!!

wait...maybe I should too!

Anonymous said...

Or, if you prefer to go Greek, maybe you could build a little mini-temple to the goddess Nike. In a Nike shoebox! A diorama! :)

MiaStella said...

Is it less than a month to the mini? Time is flying!

house on hill road said...

so happy to hear this, suzanne. now go knock on wood or something.

Vickie said...

Yes, I just counted the weeks until THAT too. My ITB thing seems to be calmed down too. We'll make it.

Andria said...

Since I've got mine back, I'm sending you out some happy running mojo vibes! Glad to hear the runs are getting better on your side. It's great to see that things do actually get better, but being patient is a real drag!

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't got any patron saint of running mojo to help you with, but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully that will count for something.

warriorwoman said...

Long may it last - for both of us!

Nibbles said...

That is so awesome! You're on a streak now! Woo hoo!!

P.O.M. said...

yeah for happy running!!!!!