Mar 3, 2008

it's not over yet

the knee pain.
is not over.
after wednesdays' pain free run last week,
and an even better run on friday; i took saturday off -
i didn't want to mess with any good recovery mojo.
i had high hopes for today's run.
it didn't go so well.
the knee is still talking to me and i don't like what it has to say.
cause we're running & we're happy and then it says -
you need to stop running now.
four miles at a time seems to be the limit right now.
i wish my patience had a higher time limit.


Nibbles said...


I am so sorry to hear that. Do you have any PT sessions left? Have you tried using a foam roller for your ITB? I know how savvy you are so I bet you have, but I just wanted to offer some sympathy and suggestions.

Hang in there--I'm pulling for you!

zanne said...

oh yeah - had PT today, again this friday (if i need it wednesday, i can go wednesday) and once next week. i am all over (literally) the foam roller, have heel lift in left shoe & pt girl said to go ahead & try the ITB strap.

i am always open to sympathy & suggestions!! thanks!!!

RunToTheFinish said...

I won't lie I am the worst about trying to recover and especially if it affects my running. however maybe this is your opportunity to become a better swimmer? To really become a super amazing pilates person...or to give your body a break and remember your other passions.

zanne said...

amanda - other passions? what does that mean? you mean, there is life beyond running? actually, if i were a more mature person, i would probably have an easier time of directing some attention normally devoted to running elsewhere - but i'd much rather be annoyed and whine about how i'm not running as much as i'd like! i was planning on some more bike time, but my pt girl thinks that yesterdays' 40 mile ride set me back a bit. damn. think i may just take what i can get - 4 miles at a time.

Nancy said...

You know, i have a tweaky little knee thingy going and I think biking is either making it worse or might even be the cause. Damn stupid cross training. I didn't want to do it anyway. :D Maybe we should boycott?

Gotta Run..... said...

I am right there with you girl!!

Four days now of no running is making me crazy!! I was a mad woman on a mission on my trainer at home this weekend.

Massage booked for Wed. then hopefully a run on Thursday. I have been through ITBand issues before so I know what I need to do. Just hard playing the waiting game.

hang in there chic!

house on hill road said...

sorry to hear this suzanne. fatty said the ride yesterday was brutal. my wrist is still screwy - i have pt tomorrow. fingers crossed for you.

mindy said...

Hang in there! Listen to the good PT - it may take a little longer than you hoped to get back into things, but it will come. Your ITB took a beating and it will forgive you - the foam roller kills, but it will help you out in the long run. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Zanne, that sucks. :( You know, it's funny... once upon a time I would have been happy to be injured because then I'd be off the hook exercise-wise, but now it just kills me! I know it must kill you more - probably by a few factors of ten or so. :) Hang in there!

Ali said...

I battle between I need time of to repair and if I take any more time off I lose everything I worked so hard for.

Listen to your knee.

I am actually enjoying the cross training at the moment ... probably because the weather is so bad