Apr 9, 2008

and now for something completely different

i've been mulling it over since monday night.
i had until midnight tonight to decide.
i couldn't sit on this fence for very long.
i kept checking the website. obsessively.
i filled out the registration form. then logged off.
then filled it out again. then i logged off again.
and then -
i logged on
filled out the form
entered my credit card number
and proceeded to stare at the "confirm order" button.
for a long time.
a really long time.
and then -
i just hit it.
confirmed. registered.
holy shit.
not sure what i have gotten myself into.
i don't know who i think i am.
really. not sure.
i might throw up
both at the fact that i actually registered -
and it could be a really viable option on race day. the throwing up.
it could be temporary insanity.
or it could just be that runner girl shakes things up a bit.
and tries something completely different.


Anonymous said...

I'm late to the show... congrats for whatever it is? A marathon? where?

Anonymous said...

What did you sign up for?

Anonymous said...

yeah, a triathlon!! which one, how far?? i'm so excited you've joined the dark side...

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! You and your cliffhangers!

It's gotta be a triathlon, or maybe... cyclocross?... a muddy buddy?... am I even warm?

Tell us!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Inquiring minds long to know!

Nancy said...

I guess TRI. :D

If I can do it, anyone can. And no throwing up. I finished smiling!

zanne said...

you are all wrong. hehe.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the process I go through before purchasing...well...anything.

house on hill road said...

runner girl turns biker chick?

Gotta Run..... said...

Is it a trail event?? Please I need to know!!!!

I use the paper dixie cup to ice. You are right, it works like a charm!!

Ali said...


monicac2 said...


Stuart said...

Hmm let me think; a dualthon, a century bike ride or an adventure race?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

triple crown 1/2 marathon.

zanne said...

hehe. this is too much fun! i dont even want to ruin it now by saying what i signed up for. it will be so anti-climactactic ... who can top: iditarod, ironman & americon idol? its downright boring now. hehe. but i am getting such a huge kick out of this.

Anonymous said...

wait, re-reading the title. huh. don't know.

Matt said...
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Matt said...


I just did my first ever 5K, so any distance over 4 or so miles still seems like 100 to me. :-)

Still Waiting for the Runner's High

Anonymous said...

Well, the oppressively horrid Barkley Marathons were a couple of weeks ago.

It's too late in the delegate race to run for President.

2009 Antarctica Marathon?

- Dean

Anonymous said...

i thought the same as Cyn...triple crown 1/2....but my my fav is the iditarod......

completely different...hummm

swimming?? across something??

Anonymous said...

as in, a channel? a canal?

: ) !!!

monicac2 said...

OK, changing my vote to agree with Matt - it's an ultra!

house on hill road said...

give it up already.