May 20, 2008

nutshell race report

i had a whole race report written out from sunday's circuit race. a race that was infinitely better than the previous days race. the report was agonizingly long and detailed every single sprint and every single lap. we are talking epic race report. i thought i'd spare y'all the minutiae. although just say the word and i'll hit publish. really, i will. i spent the sort of time on it that makes me really wish i got paid to do this bloggy thing.

here's the nutshell report:

we camped in the airstream at the course. the wind howled and it rained all night. i woke up in a foul mood. i was still fuming about dfl previous day and didn't want to race in the rain. i was tired and cranky. but it cleared up. i warmed up. i cheered up and then i lined up. i stayed with pack whole time. i fell off on a few turns. the voice inside my head screamed at me: you are not falling off. not in this race! i totally listen to the scary mad voice in my head and get back on the pack way fast. i sprinted some laps for the primes (pronounced preem - my excrutiatingly long race report gave a little lesson on what this is). i won some points on a point lap (again, there was explanation in the epic report). i raced well and smart. seeing as i was not in a hyperventilating chase for the lead group and i was actually in the group, i was in my first field sprint ever (everyone in pack sprints to finish) and i took 4th place.

after the race, my teammate and i poured ourselves a cup of coffee with a little shot of bourbon in it, sat in some lawn chairs in the sun and with cowbells and the bourbon coffee in hand, we cheered on the next few races. it was a great day. a really great day.


Megan Hall said...

You can't tease me like that with new words and ideas and not tell us all about them! Here's to the epic post.

Anonymous said...

WAIT. You have an airstream?!

I need a cowbell. To help me cheer on the marathoners that will be in my hood in a few days.

Good job, by the way!

RunToTheFinish said...

that's my kind of short and sweet report. You go girl, once again proving you've got the stamina to put most of us to shame.

Nancy said...

WOO HOO, rock on, Sista.

Bourbon in your coffee? I knew I loved you! :D

Stuart said...

Yeah baby now that's what I am talking about!


Nat said...

Well done. It sounds wonderful. Truly wonderful. :) Such a nice way to endthe weekend after Sat's disappointment.

(Now I have to go google the new words.)

Nibbles said...

Fourth place--that is so amazing! Congrats!

I have really missed reading your blog amidst all the craziness :-) You are a great writer.

Vickie said...

Congrats! As with everything in life, you get the good with the bad.

Unknown said...

With results like that you're going to have to change the name of your blog!