Feb 17, 2009

oops, she did it again

i swore to myself the other day i would stop doing this. this posting of my daughters’ letters. i’ll understand if y’all go running for the hills at this point, but i just can’t resist. i’ll keep it short and paraphrase and while i’d like to say this is the last time - never say never.

oops dear Mom,

I realy want that game I want to be a dog sitter or a teacher when I grow up. but I don’t want dog slubbur all over my face. So I thought about school. I like it very much. And then I started to think about Ms. Thompson. I love her. And then I thought “I want to be a teacher when I grow up!” So now I want the game Imajine Teacher!

You get ready for the leson of the day and decorate your own classroom and arange feald trips! I really want this game. All those other persuasive letters are actchulay about the teacher game.

….and so on and so forth with the please, and I’ll pay my own money and I want to be a Ms. Webster, yadda yadda yadda. my personal favorite was the dog slubbur bit. and then of course the whole, “all those other letters was just leading up to this one thing that i really want” bit.


i told her she doesn’t need a game to teach her how to be a teacher. i told her i was a teacher and we didn’t even have nintendo when i was little. she asked how i learned how to be a teacher and i told her i went to college. she said college is expensive, the game “is only, like, $20”.


ItchyBits said...

You can't argue with that logic.

sarah said...

She has an answer for everything! How can you refuse?! =)

Tell her in the old days we had to play teacher by lining up our stuffed animals and writing everything out, no electronics! Shocking!

Stuart said...

Makes perfect sense...yes?

Velma said...

Hillarious. Keep the letters coming!

Anonymous said...

canNOT stop laughing...

she does have a good point though... it IS much less than college!

slubber slubber


Cindy said...

haha! she makes a solid argument..

Cynthia said...

you learned to be a teacher by making your little sister take quizzes after watching The Love Boat and drinking pepsi out of coffee mugs and subjecting her to 200 word spelling tests just for fun then putting her in detention for getting one wrong or making your little cousin sit for detention for being "overly dramatic". Fun times. All that was free! Tell her to sit Annabel down and start cracking her pointer.