Feb 18, 2009


i’ve been watching fellow blogger friends’ attempts and successes at the roller thing and have been completely inspired to try it out for myself.

only problem was – i didn’t have rollers.

so i was content to just live vicariously through them for a bit and stick with my boring old trainer and prayers for nice weather.

and then i came home last night night after dinner out and a bottle of wine with a friend to find that the roller fairy stopped by & dropped off a set in our living room. literally. rollers in my living room. out of the blue.

i was so excited that i tried them out; half a bottle of wine, jeans and all. we didn’t video tape that part.

we did, however, videotape my attempt today. this is part one.


Groover said...

Awesome video. Definitely a bit more action than in my video. LOL. Love your dog watching you!

BTW: My mother-in-law didn't like the video. She complaint to Alberto that I had my head cut off for most parts and she couldn't see my pretty face!

sarah said...

Great video! Good thing the dog didn't decide to go thru the doorway you were in! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

good lord, that looks scary. but i guess if you just fall sideways...it isnt all that bad.

ItchyBits said...

I would love to test. When did you cut your hair???????

Judi said...

love it. i started a trend! the music is awesome, is it the same as groover's?

you aren't looking down, are you? make sure you look straight ahead. and if you want dominic to make them into motion rollers, bring them up and we'll do it. motion rollers are easier.

bsegal said...

Okay this is going to totally take your handling skills to a new level. I do have a few questions.
Why were you waving bye-bye to the camera the whole time? You can't break character like that.
Mabel the dog looks completely confused, Steven will need to be dog-whispering for weeks.

zanne said...

groover - yours had way more action (minus the crasch of course!) ... i loved all of your different camera angles. anyhow - it was you & judi who inspired me to get on the darn things & then video tape the whole adventure! total serendipity that a set of rollers just happened to be sitting in my living room!

sarah - the dog can get a little unpredictable! I'd lose focus if someone talked to me too much - it was good that she just sat there!

prickly - i am surprised that i wasn't MORE scared. Cause being scared about stupid shit is what I do best ... i did feel much better knowing that if I fell, it was just into a door, as opposed to something more spectacular!

itchy - i cut my hair last week and LOVE it! I've had it short before, so its' not a huge change for me personally ... it also doesn't hurt that my 12 year old tells me daily how awesome and pretty I look with the new hair. I'm gonna keep that boy. He's good for my ego.

Judi - you totally started the trend. You & Groover both ... the music is one of the choices that just came with the video editing software ... not the same song as Groovers, but the same artist! I thought it sounded familiar when we were trying to pick songs from limited choices! - and no, not looking down. I am totally focused on the spot in my hallway that desperately needs mopping.

bsegal - that's my hope! All the weaknesses are so prominent and obvious on the rollers ... its' SO apparent that my biggest weakness is the fact that I am so TENSE! -like I didn't know that already; but I really hope that whatever I learn on the rollers translates to the road. And that dog would have been driven to a farm a long time ago had it not been for Steven's dog whisperings!