Mar 6, 2009

me and the dane

i woke up this morning to find that my facebook friendship had been requested by a certain cyclocross racer of danish descent.

i sat with my coffee and mulled it over.
confirm? or ignore?
well. lets see. he is pretty.
and there is the matter of those distracting red shorts.
but. there was all that yelling in the sand pit.
all that “shut up!” and
all that “pedal faster” shit.
then again, he did have his hands all over my ass.
which makes up for a a sandpit screaming match.
i’m just saying.

me and the dane?
we’re tight.
facebook friends tight.


Nat said...

Too funny. Facebook is a wild and lawless place.

Anonymous said...

i'm jealous.

zanne said...

it's like vegas ... you go in & get sucked up in the evil vortex. no clocks, no windows and before you know it 4 hours have passed. the thing is, what happens of FB stays on FB for everyone else to see!

pamster, if he does another clinic, you should go to it - pedal real slow and sorta pathetic, see if you can set yourself up for an ass grab too!

Anonymous said...

i may have to do that and the sad part is that i won't have to pedal slow and pathetic on purpose! i'm all for the ass grab.

you're right about FB too. good lord. i also have a FB stalker who is going to be so "unfriended" soon. Creepy.

zanne said...

sad part is I wasn't pedaling all slow & pathetic on purpose either ... that was just how I rolled. :-)

Anonymous said...

the "anonymous" comment was me. holy crap how did that happen? oh wait - it was before 10am. i wasn't really awake yet!

Anonymous said...

THAT is funny.

Looks like your ass made an impression.

zanne said...

i thought it sounded familiar pamster! but that whole 'anon' threw me off.

caroline. yeah. that's the theory i'm going with too.

Gotta Run..... said...

If you can tell me where my "wall" I might have this FB thing!!!


Stuart said...

Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader time stands still and accelerates at the same time!!!

Plus fours - just have to be 4" below the know to qualify; hence the name I guess, I am an authority on nonsense, seriously!

Beck said...

Are we facebooked? I have to go check. Sounds interesting though.