Apr 5, 2007

the bike

i may be able to pilot a small plane; plot a course, take off, and grease a landing, screaming out of the sky, right on the numbers ... but something as simple as riding a road bike scares the bejeesus out of me.

i rode with my husband & another friend yesterday ... my husband (a cyclist, and so of course, my bike coach) said "get about 4 feet behind his wheel" ... WHAT? 4 feet? that's shit close ... there's no brake lights - how will i know when he's slowing down? then i think ... well, when i crash into him - that's when i'll know.

then it was my turn to be up front ... i hear "go on suzanne, break some wind" ... i think - yeah, i'll break some wind alright, but not the kind you're thinking of. there's a serious headwind, and so i'm peddling my little ass off ... this is 10 miles into (a 20 mile!) ride & my husband asks "how are your legs?" my legs? my legs are FINE! my legs are finely tuned machines ... its' this thing on wheels underneath me that's throwing me for a loop.

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