Apr 26, 2007

lightbulb moment

while putting my sneakers on for this mornings' easy 3 miles, i think the exact same thing i've been thinking for the past month when i put them on: jesus, i need new sneakers.

i kept putting it off, then it was just too close to race day to be getting new sneakers. they got me this far, they'll get me through race day - right? (am sure those words will come back to haunt me). shit, i did it again ... may have just put the whammy on myself. must knock on wood.

so i head out in my tired sneakers & its' during the first painful mile that the lightbulb goes off:

there is very possibly a direct correlation between my leg/hip pain & the mileage on my sneakers. DUH. you are probably wondering: is she really this daft? didn't she know that?

the answer is yes - sometimes i am that daft. but now i know - once my kicks hit 350+ miles, my ass hurts, the hip starts to go, and muscle pain ensues. when i start popping ibuprofen like they are gumdrops & buying every muscle pain cream on the market, that should be my first clue.

tomorrow will be my 3rd visit in a week to physical therapist. she's my new best friend.

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