Apr 19, 2007

geeking out over the numbers

one of my favorite things is when i get my thursday email from coach with the analysis of the big dog run numbers - the pace, time, etc ... so here was today's:

the first email:

Overall avg pace: 8:06
Last 20 min avg pace: 7:40
Last 15 min avg pace: 7:35

right there are some serious holy shit numbers. that last number - the one i ran for 15 minutes? that's 5k race pace for me. RACE PACE. on a thursday. not in a race. at 5am.

but wait - it gets amazingly, unbelieveably better: there's a second email (after his further analysis) in which i was instructed to sit down:

20 min left to go pace = 7:32
15 min left to go pace = 7:22
10 min left to go pace = 7:28
5 min left to go pace = 7:25 (this would include the hill)

this is nothing short of mind boggling. i mean sure, i wanted to die. i wanted nothing more than to stop, or pee in my pants. but i didn't do any of those things ... i'm still here.

fairly elated.
shit ass sore.
but elated.


Tall Girl Running said...

Love the new picture, Suzanne! FOXY!!

Unknown said...

hey! i see you signed up for btt! now you can REALLY geek out over the numbers =)

let me know if you come up with any fun ways that you'd like to analyze your stats!