Sep 19, 2007

crazy dreams

i'm having crazy, vivid dreams lately ... mostly, they are dreams about running. early morning dreams in which i already feel like i am doing that day's workout. i mean - i am in the workout. if its' intervals that day, i am dreaming about it. i feel myself running, i can see times on my watch. if it's a pool run that day, i am running my laps & having a conversation with my friend. long run? i can hear the songs on my ipod. i stop for gu. whatever is on the schedule that day, i am dreaming about it around 3:30, 4am.

and they are so freakishly real and so vivid, that i am totally perplexed & incredulous when the alarm goes off. where the hell am i? and why am i wearing these pajamas?

so, i can make sense of the running/workout dreams -- this is my biggest mileage week yet - i am deep into it all right now. but the one dream i can't figure out? the one i had this morning in which i was with p. diddy. in a bakery. ordering cakes & cookies for someone's birthday. and the bakery girl brings the cakes & cookies to us and a whole bunch of frosting has come off and is all over the box & i am dying, i mean dying to eat it. and i ask p. diddy if he thinks its' dairy free frosting. and then i wake up. -- or rather, my son wakes us up with "dudes! its way late!" ... because for the first time in like, ever - we have slept through the alarm.

i don't know what the hell that one means. maybe it means i've finally cracked. or maybe its just the dream of someone who wants to eat cake & run too - without the frosting on the cake giving her a case of the runs.

i have no idea what p. diddy has got to do with it though ...


Vickie said...

Well, didn't he run the NYC marathon a couple of years ago? Must be subconsciously thinking of that. Maybe you're wanting to beat his time. Subconsiously, of course. And in reality too, of course. I think the dream thing starts when you are having fears about the race. Doesn't mean its bad, just that it is all consuming right now.

Anonymous said...

ok, the whole p. diddy thing is too funny...just had to laugh.
I love reading your entries!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I had the same thought as Vickie about P Diddy, that it's 'cause he ran the New York marathon.

And the frosting? Didn't you recently quit sugar cold tofu (like "cold turkey," but vegan, ha ha)? Maybe it's your subconscious rebelling. I'm sure mine would get up to something similar if I tried to do what you've done.

Should you ever decide to reintroduce sugar, you need to order a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. No lactose -> no tummy aches. :)

zanne said...

umm ... truth be told, that self-imposed ban on sugar doesn't always go so well. sometimes i fall off the wagon. so that whole "should i plan to re-introduce sugar" statement made me laugh - cause we just got reaquainted yesterday ... zanne, meet gumdrop. eat gumdrop.

but - that book!? i must have it. many thanks for the suggestion.

Tall Girl Running said...

Crap. Now I'll never know if P. Diddy thought it was dairy free frosting.

Would you mind dreaming it again?

Laurel said...

Wow, that is a very interesting dream! I am all about dreams with cakes and cookies!

I have had may of the running dreams as well. I love them usually because I feel great running in them. Then I wake up and get disappointed my great run was all in my head!