Dec 2, 2007

happiness is

seeing the banana that was stashed for you on your friends' car in their driveway, at mile 10 of a 17 run. just waiting for you. and you run and eat it with a shit eating grin on your face cause its mile 10 of a 17 mile run and you feel great.

it's hitting the hills. and feeling stronger at the top than you did at the bottom of all 13 of them, kicking their proverbial hilly asses. instead of the other way around. i didn't want to die at the top of maple. i was too busy smiling to want to die.

it's the perfect food. taken at the perfect time. never feeling hungry, spent, crampy or sore. never wanting the run to end.

aside from the fact that i felt like a pack mule, which is something i just need to get over, cause its' obviously working for me. and aside from the fact that it was raining, the entire time; and if there is one thing i hate about running, its running in the rain.

everything else outweighed those two minor details. long run experiment number three was just perfect. a perfect long run to make up for a week of tough ones. love how it all comes around sometimes.


Nancy said...

WOW!! That IS Happiness. Good for you, Zanne. I am so happy for you that this is coming together. I'm surprised some squirrel doesn't steal your banana though. :D

zanne said...

haha ... me too. i'm just waiting for the day it's just a peel sitting there.

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great long run! I am happy that your experiment is coming together nicely. I love it when it all comes together.

Unknown said...

Oh man, I wish I had had a banana waiting for me today! I originally was to run a half marathon but awoke to snow (which then turned into a driving COLD rain). I still put in a respectable 10.25 miles, but was soaked to the bone when I finished.

I'm glad to hear someone was smiling today!

Anonymous said...

so great to hear about a good run!! yay for you!

Anonymous said...

you were still smiling when i saw you. i'd say it is working well.

Gotta Run..... said...

Now that is a sweet way to end a great week of running!! Hitting hills and feeling stronger is just about the best feeling out there!