Nov 23, 2007

still sugarless

one more week of no sugar. this was purely my choice.

i haven’t graduated to the stage where i can slowly reintroduce it. that’s probably because i still. want. it. and that was made abundantly clear last night as i tried to have a conversation with someone while standing next to the pie table. i. could. not. concentrate. and so until i get to the point where i can have a normal conversation with someone while standing next to a table full of sugar laden things and not want to eat any; i am still sugarless.

i was feeling so great and optimistic in the few days going into sunday’s long run. the no sugar thing wasn’t hurting quite as much. i felt like i had a handle on it all. but i had a hard time this past week with the food thing. i didn’t fill up the tank enough from sundays’ blissful run, and went into my week in a calorie deficit, still running and further depleting whatever minimal stores i had left –which resulted in fairly shitty runs on monday, tuesday and wednesday.

this whole no-sugar, rethinking the way i think (or didn't think, in my case) about food was crazy hard at first, harder than i ever thought it would be. i never have, and never wanted to think about food so much in my life. but then it got easier and i saw for one blissful hour and fifty three minutes how it can pay off so perfectly. then it got hard again and i felt a little defeated and discouraged this week. but i’m seeing the connections and i know there is a point at which it will all become intuitive. the nutrition light is finally, slowly dawning on planet zanne.

i’ve got 15 miles this sunday. i’ll go in well fueled again, but this time, will make damn sure i come out of it well fueled as well so i can get through the next week.


Bob - said...

Good Luck on the no sugar thing,,, one sugar I have stayed away from at least one month prior to a race is no soda...not that I was a big fan on it maybe one or 2 cans a week but I did notice I train better without it and when it comes to long runs or race day and I take my gels they work better...

read ur post on HEED and I second Java mom...keep sipping the HEED it is sugarless and it will KEEP you ahead of the game... I carried a handheld bottle of CARBO PRO (a non tasting calorie drink) combined with HEED for JFK race and had a water bottle on my belt back...

I was soo ahead this time on my fuel, and was able to close the last 9 miles strong as many peeps fell way behind.

Keep up the good work Zanne

EARLY & OFTEN!!! if ur tummy feels ok and ur moving good sip a bit more heed, don't wait :-) U will know when u feel like it's too much.

Vickie said...

I think you have to have the lows to appreciate the highs. Bad runs happen for a reason. Sometimes you can figure it out; other times, you just have to let it go. If you are relating it to the nutrition issue, then its all good. You are learning.

Gotta Run..... said...

ANOTHER WEEK?!! I already see what you are saying. Will have to post about my meal set back and what it did to me.

So much to learn but at least we are open to new, smarter ways to fuel our bodies.

Keep it up girly. I still have one week to go and then will figure it out from there.

Nancy said...

Hang in there. You are doing great. This is a tough time of year.

Gotta Run..... said...

There is no stopping you now!!! You are totally focused in and doing GREAT!!!!

So how did the 15 miler go? Sure you rock it!