Nov 12, 2007

updates all around

run update

despite all the incessant chatter about food, not enough food, sugar, too much sugar, etc; i do still actually run. it's been three weeks since the marathon & after enjoying a full week off, i've been back at it and running for two weeks. i've had some crazy good runs and one crazy bad one. which happened to be today. my 5 miles turned into 8. don't even ask how that happens. it just does. it had a lot to do with the fact that i was thirsty & knew of one water fountain in the park that still actually exists & works. 8 miles the day after 10 miles is hard. and so it was more of a 7 mile run with 1 mile walk thrown in at the end. and i don't ever do that. ever. a run like today's would normally have thrown me into a panic of gargantuan proportions and i would have written a pleasetalkmeofftheledge email to coach to whine about how i was a slug and how can i possibly ever run a respectable pace again. but i think maybe i'm growing up. cause i'm not in a downward spiral over the run. a good run always follows a bad one. omg. i must really be coming out of the sugar haze.

sugar update

saturday was day two of no sugar. it was not much better than day one. the afternoon sugar (or lack thereof) slump hit me in the head like a sack of gumdrops. in my past life, i would have had some candy. or cookies to get me through the slump. god i loved those sugar wafers. and because i can't think for myself in my sugar-deprived haze, i ask my husband what i should do. should i go for a bike ride or take a nap? he says it won't kill me to not do something once in a while. and while i think that's debatable, i just went upstairs to sleep off the sugar slump. and the very first thing i think of the nanosecond that i wake up is frosting. i want to eat a can of frosting. the whole thing. with a big wooden spoon. chocolate to be exact. so much for sleeping off the slump.


as i write this it's day four. and things are starting to look up. me & my gi system have very high hopes. we also have a shitload of will power because in my past life i totally would have thrown caution to the dairy winds - gassybloatypoopybedamned and indulged in one of the dozen krispy kreme donuts that arrived at my house entirely uninvited yesterday. but, in this new life - this marathon runner who must get her nutritional shit in gear if she wants a chance in hell at a bq, i did not indulge. now, thats not saying i didn't want to. maybe the not wanting to part will kick in next week.


Nancy said...

Good for you. You do sound very grown up! :D

Anonymous said...

I am a certified sugar-holic. I have a special weakness for candy like Sweet Tarts, Sprees, etc., and bubble gum. While at owrk, I tend to chain-chew piece after piece after piece of bubble gum, alternating with sunflower seeds. Oh, did I mention that I'm 40?

I gave up sugar twice in 2007 - once for a few weeks, and once for a few months. When I did it for a few weeks, I was also eating healthy (whole foods, lean meats, etc.). I lost about 4 pounds, right in the tummy, where I wanted to, It was perfect.

The 2nd time, I was eating whatever I wanted, just no sugar - but I stayed off sugar longer (3 months). I got so thin (I started off @ 124 and went down to 114, and I'm 5'6"). So ... I've been back "on" sugar for the past few months (all my blood/endocrinology tests came back normal) - and yep, I'm back up to @122.

The sugar is defnitely an unhealthy addiction for me; I've just got to find a healthy balance in there somewhere!

RunToTheFinish said...

I admire your determination... that's why you do full marathons and I do half marathons...I'm half as dedicated. :)

Tall Girl Running said...

Slow and steady wins the race.

Well.. okay. It doesn't win any races. But it'll get you to the finish line... under 3:45. ;-)

Keep at it, my friend.

Jamie said...

I too am a certified sugar-holic. I admire your ability to restrain yourself and follow a strictly no sugar diet. Could you send some of your sugar restraint?

Anonymous said...

i just ate birthday cake. no self control here. i should probably give it up anyhow....

Gotta Run..... said...

Maybe you should start a SA… you know… like AA.

Hello my name is Robin and I am a sugarholic. We could have sponsors and chips for reaching goals and all. It is a real problem and one I think we all battle with!!

zanne said...

haha! i know! i'm telling you ... this is way harder than i thought. had no idea the hold sugar had on me. had no idea how much i would miss it. had no idea where all that shit has been hiding. it is EVERYWHERE! this is way harder than giving up the wine. way.

Laurel said...

I think it's hilarious that you woke up and thought of frosting. I love it!

You're doing great!