Jan 7, 2008

spring fever

a little odd for january, but hard to resist in the weather we had today. it must have hit 70. the kids are still home, they don't go back until tomorrow. and i blatantly skipped my swim workout in favor of recovering a little more from yesterdays' 21.

there were good tunes throughout the house all day.
kids playing outside like it was summer.
a little housecleaning, a little rearranging.
cleaned out, fresh backpacks.
open windows.

it all made for a very nice recovery day. a little mental health day so to speak. i hate it when panic and doubt come to visit. i honestly didn't think they'd stop by this time around. and its worse when they come along on a run. those runs where even as you tell yourself, just run, just run; you think you cannot do this. its no fun to be out on that ledge & need to be talked back in. but all it takes is a little day off, self-imposed or scheduled; to feel back on track, to realize you just had a shitty run, nothing more - to feel like you can do it. and to actually look forward to lining up at the mile repeat yellow line tomorrow morning.

just run.
don't worry.


Nancy said...

glad you're back! :D I have some spring cleaning if you get bored.

Vickie said...

The longer you run, the more you realize there will be days, maybe months and years, where all your runs feel bad, but if you just keep chipping away at it, it comes around, its gets better, then great. And then of course running is so much about living. Not every day has a silver lining. You make of it what you can and keep hopeful things will be better either next time or eventually.

Or maybe its just insanity, where you keep doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome? I'd rather be optimistic and know that the next great run is right around the corner.

Gotta Run..... said...

So now that the kids are back in school how were those mile repeats??

I took another recovery day from running myself yesterday. the legs just needed it so I listened like a good gilr. yoga was about it for me... and a small glass of wine :)

zanne said...

oh god vickie - i don't think i could handle months or years of bad runs! i would surely crack & need to be put in rubber room. i am totally on the "next great run is around the corner" plan.

robyn - ran mile repeats right into a nasty headwind; and i swear it was both on the going out & coming back in. suffice it to say, they sucked. i was exhausted. could have curled up in front of yellow line to sleep at start of the 4th & last one! somehow i mustered up the energy to plow through one more. done.

Laurel said...

Nothing like a day off to clear your head. The beautiful weather helped too, I'm sure.