Jan 21, 2008

top billing

this week marks one year of blogging. what better way to celebrate than to announce that seezannerun now has top billing on the google search page for boobs a mile long. really, its every girls' dream come true. so instead of reflecting on this past years' accomplishments and getting all verklempt about how i was reluctant to start this blogging thing but am now so glad that i have; i have instead still been thinking about who the hell googles boobs a mile long? i mean, i never would have blinked an eye if searches for, where did my boobs go? or, can running make your boobs disappear? led to my site. that would make perfect sense. i mean, cause that shit happens. but now i am officially weirded out by all the random long boob searches that bring people here. perhaps i need to bring the subject matter up a notch. how about some intelligent posts on the following:

  • what to wear on a long run when it is 11 degrees out?
  • how to stuff a fuel belt with as much food as possible.
  • what to do when your ass is frozen and you feel like it may fall off.
  • energy gels: friend or foe?
  • long runs in the worst weather ever. ask the expert.
  • how to get your ducks to line up.
  • sugar - bad. real food - good.
  • when toenails fall off
  • hitting the wall: how bad is it?
  • getting out of the ambulance and finishing anyway.

and so begins the taper. plenty of time and energy to spend on nonsensical posts. not that any of them really made any sense in the first place. its all just a little look inside my head. and i can't believe y'all keep coming back for more, but you have no idea how happy i am that you do. there's really nowhere else this yankee girl can say y'all and be okay with it. and there is nowhere else i can talk so incessantly about running.

when i noticed a year ago that if i talked about running anymore, my friends' eyes would start to glaze over in that ohmygodhereshegoesagain way, i knew i was in dire need of another outlet. that, or risk losing my friends or being locked in a rubber room. i really liked my friends and didn't want to lose them to the minutiae of my every running thought. plus, i was driving my husband crazy. so i took my obsession here. and for months, i was a closet blogger. i'm out of the bloggy closet now and those same friends i was trying to spare from my madness now read the blog and while they may still roll their eyes at me and say ohmygodhereshegoesagain, i just can't see it. it has been a wild ride of a year. so thanks to everyone who stops by to share in the adventure; and offer friendship, humor, support, advice and enough hits to get me the number one spot on googles' boobs a mile long. not quite sure how that gets topped next year, but my husband just renewed the domain name for another year - so i'll keep running and blogging and hope that you just keep coming back, cause you all rock.


house on hill road said...

you make me laugh.
congrats on your google accomplishment. :)

Gotta Run..... said...

we all must come out of the closet at some point... right?!!

If I recall correctly you where discovered not to long before my blog was found. Weird feeling at first but now I find it fun.

So the question is... has blogging helped? I beleive it has. Yep... that is what I am sticking with!!

Tall Girl Running said...

Alright, alright!! It was me who googled mile-long boobs. Can you blame a girl for trying? :-P

MiaStella said...

I gotta say...I am not sure mile long boobs has ever made it into my conversation...and can't imagine the intended outcome of that google search.

monicac2 said...

LOVE your blog! :)

Laurel said...

Happy Anniversary! And enjoy your taper. You deserve it :)

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! (And I just checked some of the phrases that people enter when finding my site. Two of them are "drink orgy" and "jiggle butt run." Not sure what to think of that!)

zanne said...

ooh, betsy! those are good ones! what a riot!