Jan 9, 2008

i've said it before

i'll say it again.
i love the easy week.
whoever invented the easy week is genius.
just when you think you are going to break,
just when you think the schedule may actually kill you,
that it is too hard, and all your runs are sucking
and none of them feel good -
just when you think your goose is cooked,
and you are composing emails in your head to coach
about how you don't think you can hack it anymore -
along comes an easy week.
and a run in the sun with no wind, rain or blistering cold -
a slow run, but it feels good
cause that's what your body wants to do.
just run.
thank god for the easy weeks
and good, slow, easy
runs in the sun.


Laurel said...

Yay for easy weeks! Glad you're feeling better. :)

Holden said...

Did you just call me a genius? Or were you referring to the actual person who invented them?

house on hill road said...

oh, coach, i am sure she was talking about you.

MiaStella said...

Little spring cleaning going on? Like the new layout.

MarathonRunGirl said...

Just to let you know, our class is studying our state and I use the song on your site to play everyday as we start our study...how cheesy, I know! But they love it!

Vickie said...

I think the sunshine makes all the difference.

zanne said...

laurel - yes, yay for easy weeks! always perfect timing!
holden - i totally meant you. yes, you are the genius.
house - ditto. totally talking about coach.
mia - cleaning everything... house, blog - it all needs a little change!
christy - can't speak for coach, but i think there is nothing cheesy about it - its like a national anthem there, isn't it? i love it when mini shuffle miraculously plays it as i leave the house & then again as i am sprinting home.
vickie - absolutley! sunshine makes all the difference. that - and not having to keep up with any big dogs, or kill myself on any mile repeats. just run. that's all i wanted to do & the sun was shining! serendipity!

Holden said...

Um... yes, it's the national anthem there. And you better stand at attention! Oh, I can't wait to get you down South.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Yeah - agree completely but never knew how to say it in words.

Now I know.

Anonymous said...

That song is played for everything...American Idol, college parties (back in the day), sporting events...you name it, it is played. Maybe that's why I don't have that song in my possession. But the kids love listening to it every day...one of the kids said..."hey, doesn't Bo BIce sing that song...I said NOOOOO, nevermind"...ha!
People are gearing up for Mercedes here!!! Good luck with the rest of your training!

Anonymous said...

oh-I am "christyP" as well!

zanne said...

christy - i am a total yankee girl, born & bred ... but i do love that song! it was a must on this training plans' playlist!

i figured you & christy p were one & the same!